Month: May 2020

Handful of Hailstones
Posted on May 18, 2020 by baker-admin
If you wondering does hail lead to roof leaks and water damage, then you have come to the right place. Hail damage, both small and large, can lead to much worse damage if left unattended. Small roof repairs can become major issues. Size Matters When it comes to hail damage, it is true, size matters. Not all hail will damage your roof and cause leaks, but this depends on several factors, Read More...
Roof Leak Repair
Posted on May 11, 2020 by baker-admin
Learning how to stop a leaking roof during a heavy rainstorm can mean thousands of dollars less in repairs. Roof leaks come in different sizes. Some could take months to develop into visible damage, while other leaks are much more dramatic. Learn how to make a temporary roof repair that will hold up long enough to keep the damage down to a minimum. Once the storms have passed, Read More...
How do you know when your roof needs to be replaced
Posted on May 2, 2020 by baker-admin
More than 75% of homes in America have asphalt roof shingles installed on them. But how do you know when your roof needs to be replaced? While asphalt shingles come in many names, styles, and colors, the majority of roofs have either a 25-year or 30-year shingle. A 25-year shingle is the standard older 3-tab shingle from the past. The 30-year shingle is architectural or laminated, meaning it has an additional layer laminated on top. Read More...