Residential Roof Replacement

The roof of a home is the protector of all things within – most importantly you and your family. At some point in a home’s lifespan, a roof replacement will likely be necessary. Baker Roofing & Construction is the local Dallas roofing company your home needs for a total roof replacement.

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How to Know if I Need a Roof Replacement for My Home?

Homeowners should periodically inspect the roofs of their homes for visible signs that a new roof is needed. These can include curled, cracked, or missing granules on traditional asphalt-shingled surfaces. Metal, tile, slate, and wood shake roofs have varying lifespans and indicators – all of which can be identified during a professional roof inspection. Of course, age can also be an indicator; If your Roof has reached its maximum lifespan, it may need replacing soon to prevent any major damage due to storms or other weather events. Finding qualified technicians who understand different residential materials and installation techniques requires expertise far beyond basic replacements – this includes knowledge of pitch measurements, underlying structures related to slope transitions, plus ventilation systems, to name a few key areas!

One aspect of roof replacement that sometimes is not understood is the decision to remove shingles or re-roof over the existing ones. This is a judgment that should be made by a roofing specialist in discussion with the homeowner. Baker Roofing will assess your current roof structure, the weight factors, the condition of the existing roofing materials, material guidelines, and local laws. Your roof is an investment in your home, and all decisions should be well-advised. Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. will give you a complete, honest, expert opinion and advice on your roof replacement project.

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Roof Replacement and the Insurance Process

A roof replacement is a valuable investment, and often homeowner’s insurance can pick up much of the cost if there has been an event that has caused damage. Baker Roofing has experts to handle your insurance needs and questions. Because homeowners frequently want to save as much money as possible, We will guide each customer in decision making regarding materials and installation, where money can be saved, and where it is best not to cut corners. Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. provides premium-quality roofing materials and workmanship at competitive prices to ensure client satisfaction.

There is more to a roof replacement than just the roof. Other roofing elements can be part of the roof replacement as well. Plywood, vents, chimney, skylights, and flashing are all part of the roof. Your new roof will be installed paying close attention to every roofing detail. Baker Roofing & Construction has the personnel and expertise to do a complete roof replacement. All debris will be removed, leaving your home and yard looking like we were never there, except for the attractive new roof.


Roof Replacement

In most cases, you do not need to be home during the roof replacement. We only require access to the back and side yards to clean upon completion of the roof. If your home has any exceptions, we will inform you prior to installation.

An impact-resistant shingle is a thicker, heavier shingle designed to hold up to hailstone impacts. It is meant to minimize damages caused by severe weather, providing your home with better protection.

It is also a type of Class IV roofing material that will qualify for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

A Class IV roof is one of many roofing materials that have been designated by Underwriters Laboratories, under UL2218, as an impact-resistant material. The roofing materials will qualify for discounts on homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Be aware that some discounts will come with clauses or waivers that prohibit replacement for cosmetic damage. For example, a metal roof with hail damage will likely not be replaced if it has not been penetrated.

Ice and water shield is a self-adhered waterproof membrane. It was developed to fight ice damming and wind-driven rain. Therefore, it is commonly used up north on the eaves of the roof to protect damages from ice build-up. Baker Roofing & Construction uses ice & water shield on every roof replacement with valleys, chimneys or skylights. The use of ice & water shield in leak-prone areas of the roof increase protection from water damages in the most severe weather.

Without a doubt, synthetic underlayment is far superior to roofing felt paper. Roofing felt will begin to breakdown and get brittle over the years. In high winds, shingles can be blown off the roof in patches, and often the roofing felt paper goes with it, leaving the exposed decking vulnerable to roof leaks. However, synthetic will not become brittle enough to tear off with the shingles better protecting your home from roof leaks.

Properly installed synthetic underlayment can last for 25 years or more. It far outlasts the traditionally used felt paper.

Synthetic underlayment is a woven material that is water-resistant. It is used in place of outdated roofing felt paper. It provides a durable base protection layer for your roof replacement.