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Why Tile Roofing?

Tile roofing is a beautiful alternative to typical asphalt roofs and is more durable in a hail storm than metal roofs when it comes to cosmetic damage. Tile roofs come a two standard materials, concrete and clay, a few different style profiles, and several different color options.

Round roof with clay tile roof



The durability of a tile roof undeniably makes tile roofing an excellent choice for many homes. While not all tile roof is impact resistant, there are several choices that are Class IV rated in concrete tiles and will provide you the homeowner’s insurance discount. However, even if not Class IV rated, tile roofs in clay do very well in a hail storm with hailstones up to 1.75″. Concrete tiles can take much more abuse than clay tiles, although they are much heavier and your roof will require additional framing support.


The sustainability of clay tile roofs is nearly incomparable to any other roof system. Clay tiles are among the most eco-friendly roofing systems available on the market today. The same can not be said for concrete tiles, however. The manufacturing process of a concrete tile is very taxing on the environment, yet the longevity of the material helps to offset this impact.

If you are looking for the best “green” option for tile roofs possible, then clay is your best and most obvious choice. If sustainability is a major concern for you then a clay tile roof is precisely what you want since it is made up of recycled material.

Tile Roofing Materials

There are several different applications for tile roofing that Baker Roofing & Construction offers. While we have installed many brands we recommend Boral. Boral has a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from and has long been an industry leader. Borla offers tile roofing in clay, concrete, composite, and steel. Here we will just discuss the clay tile and concrete tile roofing materials.


Clay tile, as mentioned above, is the most sustainable choice for natural tile. There is a wide variety of style profiles and colors to create the perfect accent for your home.

Concrete Tile

Concrete roof tiles are the strongest of the two materials. Although not considered to be “green” concrete tiles will last a long time and perform very well even in large hail storms. Just like clay tile, concrete roof tiles come in several profiles and colors.

Tile Roof Style Profiles

Since Baker Roofing & Construction recommends Boral roof tiles, below are a few of the most popular tile roof style profiles that they offer in both clay and concrete.

Boral Concrete Tile Roof Profiles

Boral has several attractive tile roof profile options in concrete. Tejas Espana, Barcelona Impact, Villa 900, Saxony Country Shake, and Saxony Country Slate are some popular Texas choices.

Tejas Espana

Tejas Espana is a Boral roof tile in concrete. This beautiful profile gives the roof incredible strength with the look of an old Spanish mission so popular in Southwest Texas.

Barcelona Impact

The Barcelona Impact concrete tile roof profile fits a wide variety of homes. Barcelona Impact is a Class-IV rated tile from Boral. In a simulation test, this tile was shown to withstand a 2″ hailstone fired at 70 mph from five feet away.

Borla concrete roof tile Barcelona Impact


The Boral Villa concrete roof tile is a Class A Fire Rated tile in a beautiful tile profile.

boral Villa 900

Saxony Country Slate

Slate roofs are gorgeous but very expensive and not nearly as durable as the Saxony Country Slate concrete roof tile. If you’re in the market for a slate roof, these concrete Boral roof tiles offer a wider variety of color options than natural slate.

Boral Saxony Country Slate

Saxony Country Shake

Saxony Country Shake is a beautiful concrete tile by Boral that is designed to look like classic hand-hewn wood shake roofs. These beautiful roofing tiles are extremely durable and come in a variety of colors that will make any roof stand out from the neighbors.

Boral roof tile Saxony Country Shake


Boral Clay Tile Roofing Profiles

Clay roofing tiles are natural, sustainable roofing materials that are still very durable and much lighter than concrete roof tiles. Boral clay roof tiles come in an S profile, Mission and Faux Mission tile roof profiles in Texas.

Clay Roof Tile in S Profile

The S clay roof profile is one of the most popular clay tiles manufactured by Boral. This clay tile is a 1- piece s profile that matches the curvature of the roof of the home. It is a Class 3 rated shingle which means that it is shown to resist hailstone impact although they are not as strong as Class IV rated tiles.

Boral s profile clay tile roofing

Mission Roof Tiles in Clay

Mission clay roof tiles are a true 2-piece roofing tile that has been used for hundreds of years. Mission roof tiles by Boral are colorfast and precisely manufactured for quality, luxury, and durability.

boral 2-piece mission clay roofing tile in tuscany

Clay Faux Mission Roof Tiles

Boral’s Faux Mision roof tiles are designed to be used alone or in combination with s profile clay tiles to look like the Mission clay roof tiles at a more affordable price.

Faux mission tile by Boral clay roofing tile

Tile Roofing Color Options

Boral Clay Roofing Tile Colors

Boral clay roofing tile colors will vary depending on the region. For Texas, clay roofing tiles come in these colors on this Texas Boral Clay Roofing Tile brochure.

Boral Concrete Roofing Tile Colors

To see the color options for Boral concrete roofing tiles, take a look at this Boral brochure.


Want to Know More About Clay or Concrete Roofing Tiles?

Give us a call and we can help you choose the best tile roofing option for you. Although we recommend Boral roofing tiles, we do install tile roofing from several other manufactures.

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