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Take advantage of the energy savings with replacement windows.

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Replacement windows for your home are one of the best enhancements that a homeowner can choose. Your old windows could be costing you as much as 30% of your energy bill. Replacing your windows with new energy-efficient windows will save you money and save your HVAC much stress. If you are considering a remodel, then you need to consider the benefits of replacement windows. We offer a wide range of windows for all budgets and styles.

Energy Efficient Windows

Windows and doors are the main areas that allow heat to escape or access the interior of the home. Window performance is determined primarily by two deciding factors; SHGC and U-factor.
SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is the measurement of how much heat is conducted through the window into your home. It is measured as a decimal with 1 being 100% of the solar heat is allowed into the home and a 0 value means no heat was allowed into the home. Another way to look at it is if the window has an SHGC rating of .35 then 35% of the heat is allowed to pass through.
U-factor, however, is the opposite and measures how much heat is allowed to escape. Understanding how these are calculated gets very technical and confusing. Generally speaking, though, windows U-factor typically fall somewhere between .25 and 1.25. Again, the lower the number the less heat escape and therefore the better insulated window. In Texas, the U-factor is not as important as it is in the northern states of America. Typically, you want to shoot for a rating of .35 to .60 in Texas.

Replacement Window Materials

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Wood-Clad
  • Fiberglass

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Aluminum vs. Wood. vs. Vinyl

Three of the main materials for replacement windows are aluminum, wood, and vinyl. Of these, aluminum is the material that is the least energy efficient and therefore less common. Vinyl and wood both have good ratings, although wood does not resist the weather like vinyl does. Also, vinyl can be insulated even more to increase its effectiveness and R values. Baker Roofing & Construction often recommends vinyl replacement windows because of the durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency that they offer. However, wood replacement windows, if well maintained, can last long and are naturally energy efficient. Wood is often desired for its beauty. When this is the case, a hybrid choice may be the right answer.

Wood-Clad Windows

Wood-clad replacement windows are wood interior and either aluminum or more commonly these days, vinyl outer clad. These windows allow for a beautiful stain or painted wood interior while providing the protection of vinyl or aluminum on the exterior. As one would expect, these replacement windows are also generally the most expensive.

When its time to replace your windows, Call the professionals at Baker Roofing & Construction. We are more than just a roofing company. We are a sustainable, full-service construction and roofing company. We will always recommend the right and best products for your property and project.

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