Insurance Claims

Hail or storm damage is a call to action for Baker Roofing & Construction

Common Roof Repairs After A Storm

We should be the first place you call if you have an insurance claim for your roof and/or home exterior. Baker Roofing employs insurance specialists who will be there to help with your insurance claim from start to finish.

We keep it simple and make it easy for the customer.

Baker Roofing & Construction understands the insurance claim process, and we have much more experience in dealing with insurance companies on claims than most home or business owners typically do. Before you call your insurance company, call Baker Roofing & Construction for a free, complete exterior inspection.

Baker Roofing & Construction has a dedicated team of insurance specialists that will work hard for you, the customer. We are your partner in claims, corrections, and restorations. Don’t try to handle the insurance company and their tedious process alone; use Baker Roofing & Construction as your storm damage restoration professional.


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We will walk with you through the entire process, which will include:

  • A qualified roofing and exterior inspector will come to your home or business to complete an inspection, detailing every point of damage with written notes and photos.
  • After the customer calls the insurance company, Baker Roofing will be present when the insurance adjuster comes to do their inspection. Baker Roofing will work with the claims adjuster to complete all damage repairs. Our team is accustomed to difficult adjusters and cooperates with the insurance company and the home/business owner to ensure repairs are made accurately.
  • Baker Roofing & Construction will do all work to satisfy the requests from the insurance company and, most importantly, the customer.
  • All paperwork will be filed by Baker Roofing to satisfy the needs of the insurance company and the mortgage company.


Insurance Claims

Yes! We can assist you in all the repairs needed on your insurance claim. We not only replace roofs, but we also repair water damage, replace decks, replace windows, and replace floors. We are a full-service construction company and the only call you need to for all your insurance claim repairs.

When you file an insurance claim for roof damage, you will have an inspection performed by an adjuster. The adjuster will assess the storm damage and will write you a Scope of Loss (repair estimates) if repairs are required.

Take note that it is often vital to have a roofing company you trust meet with the adjuster. A common misconception is that the adjuster has your best interest in mind; however, that is not always the case. Consequently, a roofer works for you and will supplement the necessary items to ensure your roof is repaired to the full extent.

Once the Scope of Loss has been approved, the insurance company will send you a check for the total repairs, less your deductible and depreciation.

Your roofing company will supplement any un-paid damages. Upon completion of the roof repairs, your roofer will invoice for the RCV amount of the roof claim, and then the insurance will release the withheld recoverable depreciation money.