Commercial Roof Preventative Maintenance Program

A Preventative Maintenance Program is Key to Maximizing Roof Life and Minimizing Costs

Sealing a TPO seam with hot air weld A Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) is planning for repairs and corrections before they become a more expensive liability. Many leaks on commercial roofs go unnoticed until the damages have become more costly. Interior water damages, damaged products, or equipment might be the first hint of a roof leak resulting in thousands of dollars in losses.

Our commercial roof PMP service is designed to extend the life of your roof and decrease the risk of water damages. Worrying about your roof is our business so that you can keep your focus where it is most important; on your business.

How Does a Preventative Maintenance Program Work?

Baker Roofing & Construction provides two basic programs; twice a year service or a quarterly service.

Each service will include a careful inspection of the roof, roof components, and coping following detailed checkpoints. Our technicians will remove all debris to prevent punctures, clean the roof, and reseal all vulnerable roofing components and coping.

Reports will be provided after the initial inspection, first service, and all services thereafter.

The initial inspection report will include existing roof conditions, repair recommendations, proposal, and photos. Upon completion of the first service, a second report will be issued showing detailed before and after roof condition photos and repairs.

Programs For All Commercial Roof Types

Commercial roofs come in all types and so do our Preventative Maintenance Programs. We provide programs for TPO, BUR, metal, EPDM, and shingles. We can even customize a program for your roof if it has been coated.

Costs of a Preventative Maintenance Program for a Commercial Roof

The cost of a Preventative Maintenance Program with Baker Roofing & Construction is customized to your roof and choice of service visits. TPO roofing

When we perform the initial inspection, you will be provided with a proposal that will consider the condition of the roof, roof system, roof age, and complexity. Additionally, we provide an estimate for any crucial repairs that are needed immediately.

Be aware that some roofs are too old or in such bad condition that they are not good candidates for a PMP. In such cases, Baker Roofing provides professional recommendations for roof replacements and roof coatings.


A Trusted Source for Commercial Roofing Solutions

Baker Roofing & Constructions has been a trusted supplier of commercial roofing solutions since 2003. Our Preventative Maintenance Program, roof repair, and roof replacement services are among the best in the industry. We do not just sell you a roof, we sell you a roofing solution that will benefit you for years to come.