Houston is a great place to own a home or business. The Gulf coastal plain city has wonderful weather and is south of the famous “tornado alley.” The winters are mild; the summers are hot and humid. But, Houston roofs must deal with the tropical storms and winds associated with coastal living. Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. serves the Houston, Texas area with the expertise needed for the specialized problems Houston roofs have.

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Weather Related Roof Damage is Common in the Houston Area

The south-eastern coast of Texas has a rich history of tropical storms. Of course, 2017’s Hurricane Harvey will be remembered for the widespread devastation it caused. Hurricane Harvey caused an estimated $125 Billion in damages, making it the costliest tropical cyclone worldwide. The Houston construction industry is still working hard to do necessary repairs and reconstruction. Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. has been there for the people of Houston to repair and rebuild their homes and businesses.

Not all storms in Houston are category 4 hurricanes, but even a spring severe thunderstorm can cause damage to a roof and not all damage is storm-related.

The most common roof repairs to a Houston roof include:

  • flashing issues
  • rodent damage
  • tree branches
  • problems from satellite mounts
  • moss or algae
  • storm damage

Without proper maintenance to take care of these types of issues, bigger problems can begin to cause significant and costly damage. By the time you notice a roof leak, it probably isn’t an easy repair. This is why it is important to have your roof inspected routinely, especially if you suspect any problems. We are the experts for roofing inspections, insurance claims, repair, and full roof replacements.

New Roof or Roof Replacement in Houston?

If your Houston home or business is in need of a new roof for new construction or as a replacement, Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. has the experts you need for design, roofing material information and installation. We stay on top of industry-leading techniques and materials. All of our technicians are well trained and experienced.

Your roof is important to the stability of your Houston home or business. The 2017 hurricane became evidence as to how important a solid roof is to keeping your valuables safe. Many homes and businesses suffered damaged roofs in the Houston area, but there were also many structures that survived that hurricane with little or no roofing damage. This is why regular maintenance and regular inspections are important because we never know when the next severe storm, tropical depression or hurricane will threaten our Houston roofs again. Keeping up with your roof will help when weather, heat, or even humidity threatens your Houston home or business.