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Bathroom Remodel with Cedar Accents Renew your home with DFW’s premier remodeling company. Create your own perfect space for you and your family. A house is just a canvass; make it your home with our remodeling services. Get exactly what you want with our expertise and exceptional customer service.

Want new cabinets or new countertops? Or how about a new master bath to soak away all life’s stresses. We can make it happen and exceed your expectations.

Home Remodeling

When its time to remodel your home, it is essential to consider what all you want to have done and consult a remodeling contractor like Baker Roofing & Construction. Professional home remodelers can assist you in design concepts, products, and technical knowledge that will make your whole project much easier. You will receive advice based on years of experience that will save you time and headaches.

Bathroom Remodel with Cedar Accents

Our Remodeling Services

We provide a full array of remodeling services from total home makeovers, exterior updates, kitchen remodels, painting services, and bathroom remodels. We have the expertise to create your perfect space.

Exterior Updates

Modern Exterior Updated Home with Cedar siding, stucco and brick Updating your home’s exterior is a significant way to increase the curb appeal and value. Exterior updates can be as minor as painting the brick and adding some unique features like cedar or metal siding. Or you could completely re-create your home facade by adding new roofline elements like a gable, dormer windows, or a large covered porch.

Replacement windows are also an excellent choice to consider when updating your home’s exterior. New windows are much more energy-efficient than older windows, allowing your home to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, plus they look amazing too!

Replacing old wood or vinyl siding with fiber cement board is also another popular exterior update. Fiber cement siding is more durable than vinyl and is rot-resistant, unlike wood siding. Fiber cement board is also much less likely to be damaged in severe weather.


Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen Remodel in Gray tones In many homes, much of the time spent together as a family will revolve around the kitchen. Creating an inviting space with plenty of storage and function is the goal. Additionally, kitchen remodels have good return-on-investment (ROI). You will not waste your money on kitchen updates.

Some of the most common items updated are the cabinets, countertops, floors, lighting, and backsplash. You can not go wrong, including any of these items in your kitchen remodel.


Painting Services

Fresh paint is the most underrated remodeling service. Fresh paint alone can completely change the look and feel of a space or exterior. Custom paint color schemes and finishes are the exclamation point to the perfect remodel. We encourage our clients to consider different paint and texture options or even hire an interior designer to recommend a color scheme that will fit your remodel vision. Painting an entire house can be costly, and you should get what you want the first time around.

Bathroom Remodels

Like kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels also have an excellent ROI, especially when you are updating bathrooms from the ’90s or earlier. Bathroom Remodel Free Standing White Tub Homes built earlier than the ’80s in Texas have small bathrooms. Increasing shower or bathtub size and storage space is a must in these older bathrooms.

Replacing old wallpaper with texture and painted walls is common in bathroom remodels. Seamless shower enclosures, new water fixtures, lighting, countertops, and new mirrors also create visual miracles even when unable to renovate the entire bathroom.

Complete Remodel

In today’s real estate market, many older homes have never been remodeled. These untouched homes can be obtained for a reasonable price and remodeled to exactly how you want. Often, the value of the remodeled home will be greater than the remodel cost, giving the homeowner instant equity.

Complete remodels budgets should include electrical updates to the wiring and fuse panel, replacement windows, flooring, texture/painting, and possible a redesign of the interior layout.

New Addition

Second Story addition Already have a home you love but just not big enough? A new addition to your home is your best option. With the right design, your home will be larger and look original, if not better. Baker Roofing & Construction has added new bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, and even theater rooms to customers’ homes. We can expand your home upwards with a second story addition if you do not have the space to add to the first floor.

One popular option is to build a new detached garage with an apartment or storage space on top. Garage apartments are being built more often due to short-term rental and vacation needs.

Choose the Right Contractor

Choose the right contractor, choose Baker Roofing & Construction. We are Dallas – Fort Worth’s best choice for your remodeling project. We have over 17 years of experience contracting, remodeling, roofing, and restoring storm-damaged property back to better than the original. We have seen it all and fixed it all. Our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. We are insured and an A+ BBB rated company. Call us today to get your project started.

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Home Remodeling

The cost to remodel a bathroom will depend on which bathroom you want to remodel and of course, how nice you want to make it. A master bathroom remodel can start a low as $130 per square foot for a very basic finish out to $200 for a higher-end finish. A hall bathroom will start from $125 to $190 a square foot while a half bath would be around $115 to $170 per square foot.

For a complete kitchen remodel in an average house, cost per square foot starts around $140 to $350 per square foot. The costs vary widely with the level of finish out that you desire. For additional information check out the blog “What You Need to Know About Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels