Commercial Roofing Services

Free Roof Audit

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Baker Roofing & Construction Inc is a full-service commercial roofing contractor. We deliver expert skill, knowledge, and dependability for your commercial roofing project. We are your local roofing experts in TPO, BUR, Metal, EPDM roofing systems and coatings.

Baker Roofing knows that your business or commercial property requires the protection of a sturdy, dependable roof, so we offer everything you need to shelter that investment. Whether you need a commercial roof inspection, repair, replacement or new construction, Baker Roofing will provide superior service.

We offer a variety of premium roofing materials including solar roofing. All of your commercial roofing needs can be fulfilled through Baker Roofing & Construction Inc.

Preventive Maintenance Program

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Preventive Maintenance Program is the only way to ensure you’re getting the most life out of your roof all while keeping in budget.

Our PM program is designed specifically for your building’s roof. A Free Roof Audit is included with every maintenance program so that we can customize a program that will maximize the large investment you have in your roof. A Lifespan Schedule will even be provided that will allow you to budget for major roof costs in the future.

Roof Repair

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Commercial roofs endure years of wear-and-tear, storms and hot Texas summers.

At some point, repairs are necessary. Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. will inspect your roof for damage or deterioration then provide you with a full report and complete estimate for repairs. Any leaks or missing materials can and will be repaired quickly and efficiently by our trained roofing experts. Your commercial property will again be protected by a reliable and sturdy roofing system.

Roof Replacement

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Eventually, all roofs need to be replaced due to age or damage. Sometimes the first sign is a leak, at other times it may not be as obvious when it is time for a roof replacement.

Commercial properties require a slightly different knowledge base and skill set for inspection and replacement. A Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. commercial professional will inspect the commercial roofing system and present a comprehensive report and estimate for replacement. Baker Roofing uses only premium quality materials and skilled workmanship to install a roof for your business property. Baker Roofing’s goal is for the owner to be appeased with the craftsmanship and professionalism of the roofers and completely satisfied with the entire roof replacement project.

Roof Coatings

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Roof Coatings are a liquid applied roofing membrane that can guarantee your roof an extended life.

Replacing your roof may not be in the budget this year, but for a fraction of the price, you can still have a reliable roof with roof coatings. Extend the life of your roof by at least 10 years with a roof coating no matter what roof system is on your building. TPO, BUR, modified and metal are all great candidates for a roof coating.

Roof Installation

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When preparing for a new commercial roof in Texas, it is vital to have all of the facts. The right type of materials for the type of roof is important, and it is imperative to choose the best roofer.

An expert commercial roofing company will guide you through the roofing material and installation process to help you make an educated decision about your commercial roof. For a new commercial roof installation, it is important to consider the budget, functional needs of your building, surrounding environment and climate. Also, local laws are part of the decision process for your new construction roof or your total roof replacement. You’ll want an established commercial roofing specialist that can complete your commercial roof installation in a timely manner, within budget and per zoning guidelines. You can rely on Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. for a competitive bid, high quality materials and an excellent installation.

Solar Roofing

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Commercial rooftop solar projects offer an excellent financial return in most markets; in Texas, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages because of the extreme amount of sunlight throughout the year.

While the variety of rooftops found on commercial buildings can prove somewhat difficult to some solar contractors, Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. is dedicated to bringing solar power to commercial property when it is warranted. Solar roofing will provide any property owner/manager with long-term energy savings. This will allow a business owner to allocate funds to other areas of concentration. Solar power is a significant investment to consider for your commercial property.

Roofing Materials

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Commercial roofing materials and residential roofing materials can be similar or completely different, depending on the type of structure.

Like residential, there are many types of roofing materials on the market to choose from, but the type of roof often is the primary consideration when choosing a commercial roofing product. Baker Roofing & Construction Inc.’s trained staff will guide you through the process of choosing a product. Baker Roofing offers commercial property owners/managers the options of TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), modified bitumen (cold or hot), rolled or sprayed Elastomeric coatings, stone coated steel, tile and metal roofing. The commercial roofing materials used by Baker Roofing meet the highest quality standards and are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Baker Roofing’s installers are trained in all commercial roofing materials in order to offer you the best possible installation for your property.