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Why Slate Roofing?

Slate roofing tiles are one of the oldest roofing materials in history. This is because slate roofing tiles are a natural material that has an extremely long life. Slate is a gorgeous roof covering that can last literally hundreds of years. Slate comes in many different colors from all around the globe.

Chipped SlateHow is Slate Roofing Manufactured?

Natural slate tile is not manufactured but mined or quarried. It comes from many different regions. Most of the popular slate productions regions are from Wales, Brazil, Germany, Italy, China, and America.

American slate comes from New York, Vermont, and Virginia. Some of the most beautiful slate colors come from Granville, NY in hues of purple, pink, and red.


What are the Color Options of Slate Tile?

As mentioned above slate roofing tiles can come in a variety of colors and it is all based upon region and its chemical and mineral makeup. The most common slate colors are green, green-gray, and black. However, there there are purple, blue, red, pink and many other colors available. Some slate colors will fade over time and some will be color-fast. A fading slate has no effect on its durability or deterioration.



Slate Roofing Tile is Incredibly Durable, Sustainable, and Provide Exceptional Aesthetic Value

A slate roof in green gray

What is the Durability of Slate Roofing?

Since slate roofing tiles are natural stone they are extremely durable. They have stood the test of time for hundreds of years. Slate roofs are weather-proven as well. Slate roofing material varies in thickness but has been shown to withstand up to 4″ hailstones and high winds.

How Sustainable is Natural Slate Roofing?

Although slate roofing tiles are quarried or mined, they actually are eco-friendly compared to many other roof coverings like tile roofing or metal roofs. They are more eco-friendly because they require very little processing that puts out CO2 emissions. Additionally, slate roofing is very long-lasting. Slate roofs will need to be repaired more often than be replaced due to the failure of the components, not the slate itself.

What is the Cost of a Slate Roof?

The cost of a slate roof varies greatly based on the origin of the material, the thickness, and the cut and shape of the tiles. Additionally, other factors that can increase theSlate roof being installed on house price are, the steepness of the roof, if it is greater than one story height, and the complexity of the roof design. All of these factors can greatly increase the price of the roof.

For an average-sized home that is one story and not steep, you can expect to pay anywhere between $900 and $2400 per square or 100 square feet. While material costs vary greatly, labor costs can too. Installing a tile roof requires exceptional skill and knowledge, much greater than the basic shingle roof.

To be perfectly frank, if your contractor is the cheapest labor, you might just be choosing the wrong crew. Consequently, the most expensive contractor doesn’t guarantee a better end product. If on a budget, it is far better to choose a cheaper material than the cheapest labor. The best material is only as good as how it is installed.

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