Skylight Installation

Texas has plenty of sunshine and with new skylights, you can take full advantage of that with Dallas' best skylight installation company.

skylight installation

Installing skylights will offer warming natural light that is perfect for that finishing touch to already beautiful spaces. Additionally, the energy savings provided will both positively affect your wallet and our environment. Baker Roofing & Construction offers a wide selection of skylights. From fresh air skylights to sun tunnels and roof windows. We can even install solar-powered blinds.


Skylight Styles

To find the right skylight for your home we need to discuss a few of the basic options. Skylight sizes can vary widely and can be custom made to fit any size room. Keep in mind that many of the custom sized skylights will be limited in options. Let’s look at some of the options.

skylight installation in Dallas tx

Solar Shades

Skylights are wonderful for letting in that natural light and really adds warmth to a room. However, what about when you don’t want that extra light. Solar-powered shades are the perfect solution. Powered by a small solar panel that charges a small battery. At a press of a button, all your extra light is gone.

Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnels are a great option when you want natural light but there is not much space. They work great in tight spaces such as hallways and small bathrooms. These have the appearance of a light fixture. However, the light they put off is more beautiful and softer than incandescent light and can come in different sizes.

Solar Powered Fresh Air Venting

Like solar powered shades, fresh air venting skylights can be powered with solar panels as well. No need to have a long pole to crank the skylight open or run low voltage wiring. Most of this style of skylights even has a rain sensor to automatically close the skylight during inclement weather.

skylight installation solar blinds

Roof Windows

Although less common in North Texas, roof windows can provide some wonderful light and allow for fresh air. They are typically found on homes with vaulted ceilings where there is limited space for traditional windows. Roof windows tend to be larger and always open toward the outside.

Balcony Windows

Balcony windows, much like roof windows, are found on vaulted ceilings. This unique type of windows allows for the fresh air and view to be enjoyed from its balcony-like experience. They are a great alternative to roof windows.

Baker Roofing & Construction is more than just a roofing company. We are Dallas’s first choice for a full-service construction company, dedicated to offering the most sustainable, beautiful and functional products. Contact us today for your skylight installation.

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