McKinney has been ranked as the fastest-growing city for several years in the early 2000s. Many new homes were built during these years and now they are all 15 to 20 years old. This means that many of these great homes will be needing new roofs and remodels this decade. Upgrade your home in 2020 with Baker Roofing & Construction, your best choice for local roofing contractors in McKinney, Texas.

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Storm Damage & Roof Repair in McKinney

Each spring and autumn, the transitional seasons, cold fronts moving in from the north collide with warm humid air coming in from the warmer Gulf Coast. This leads to severe thunderstorms with lightning, torrential rain, hail, and the occasional tornado.

Hail Damaged Roof In McKinney, Texas?

When it comes to roofing, hail is the most common threat in McKinney. The Hail Scale includes 5 sizes: pea, penny, golf ball, baseball, and grapefruit. The bigger the hail, the more severe the storm. Once hail reaches golf ball size, the risk of roofing hail damage increases. This is most common in April and June. These violent storms cause billions of dollars in losses to McKinney homes and businesses every year. In 2016 about 4 Billion dollars was paid out by insurance companies in the state of Texas alone.

Even without hail, a severe storm can cause a great deal of damage to a roof. Wind damage is a real concern. The corners, edges, and ridgeline are especially vulnerable to wind damage. In the McKinney area, shingle roofs are the most common residential roofing material. In a storm with strong winds, those winds can lift up shingles, curl the roof or rip it up completely. When lifted, the sealant between each layer can be broken, which can cause leaks.

Winds also can cause debris such as tree limbs, outdoor furniture, or garbage to blow onto a roof, causing punctures and tears. Average speed during a McKinney thunderstorm is about 22-31 MPH. For a thunderstorm to be designated as “severe,” wind speeds much reach 58 MPH. Consider a tree branch hitting your roof at 60 MPH; the risk of damage becomes pretty high. North Texas averages 13-18 severe thunderstorms per year. This is why Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. is your McKinney storm damage roofing specialist.

Home Remodels in McKinney

Many McKinney homes were beautifully built, and updating them can be quite straightforward. Remodeling your McKinney home can be worry-free with Baker Roofing & Construction’s well-trained project managers. Our representative will listen to your needs and advise you with the best available options and trends


New Additions in McKinney, Texas

Selling your home and buying a new house is very time consuming and expensive, but when your family is growing, so do your housing needs. A new addition to your home is the perfect solution for new additions to your family. Adding on to your home is a cost-effective way to get more home for your money and not having to change your life routines and schedules. Don’t buy a new home, add that dream master bath and bedroom, build that theater room with a wet bar, add that second garage. Call Baker Roofing today and get your project started.

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