Wood Fences

Whether you are looking to add privacy or highlight your backyard, a gorgeous cedar wood fence can transform your outdoor space. Baker Roofing & Construction offers a variety of styles and materials for your fencing needs.

Cedar Fences

Cedar has long been the top choice for wood fences and for obvious reasons. Few would disagree that cedar, with its natural reddish-brown color, is both beautiful and rugged. When properly installed, sealed and maintained, cedar will last for 15-20 years. Therefore, cedar is a better investment when you consider its lifespan compared to pine which has a lifespan of about 5-8 years.


Electric Gates

You can add privacy and protection with a convient electric gate opener. Custom gates are a wonderful way to make a statement to your property. They can allow you to open up the yard to include the driveway giving your outdoor space a larger feel. However, without an opener, gates can be a terrible hassel, heavy and cumbersome to open. An electric opener gives you all the benefits with none of the inconviences and even can be solar powered.


wood fence gate

Cedar Wood Fence with Lattice

Fence Options

Baker Roofing & Construction offers several options for our custom fences. We can customize your wood fences with different levels of decorative trim and corbels or add an electric gate across the driveway.

After installation, we will apply sealant to ensure your wood fence will last. With a large variety of colors and sheens, you can be sure that your fence will not only last long but look beautiful too.

Pressure Washing Wood Fence

Wood Fence Restoration

Some unruly fences can be sorted out. Over the years, the poles will often begin to lean making the fence have a wavy appearance. This is also common from storm damage. Baker Roofing & Construction can straighten out your old leaning poles. Often the runners and pickets will need to be replaced but, in some cases, the wood can be reconditioned. We will pressure wash and reseal the wood, ensuring you will get another 3-5 years of service.