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Create a Fresh Look with Our Painting Services

Whether you are freshening up a house to sell, personalizing your new home, or simply ready to update your interior design, fresh paint is the answer. New paint completely transforms a bland room into a warm, welcoming space. Also, it will revamp an old looking exterior into new beauty. Baker Roofing & Construction’s expert professional painters provide a variety of exterior and interior painting services.

Exterior Painting

Not only does a beautiful new paint improve curb appeal, it also goes a long way in protecting and preserving your home. Maintaining the exterior paint is vital to keeping your home in its best condition. Baker Roofing & Construction has experience in painting all types of siding and mediums, from wood and Hardie board siding to stucco and brick. We will power wash, prep, and caulk prior to applying paint to ensure your home will look its best when we leave. Our expert professionals take every precaution and use drapes and tarps to protect your landscape, décor and outdoor furniture as needed.

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Staining and Sealing

Not all siding requires paint, that’s why Baker Roofing offers staining and sealing services. Cedar and redwood siding has become a leading trend in modern architecture, and for a good reason. These woods have beautiful natural tones and offer a contrast of textures. However, today’s cedar and redwood are not the rot-resistant woods of the past. This is because the trees harvested today are “new-growth” or “second-growth” trees. They do not possess the qualities of the “old-growth” cedars and redwoods of the past. For this reason, it is imperative to protect your wood investments with proper stain and sealant.

Baker Roofing seals and stains all-new awnings, fences, and siding we install. Additionally, we offer services to re-stain and re-seal your existing wood features. Baker Roofing will power wash to remove any stains and dirt, then apply the stain. Finally, we seal in the finish of your choice (semi-gloss, matte). This is an excellent option if you want to continue to protect your wood investments while restoring their natural beauty.

Exterior Painting Services Include:

  • Power washing
  • Landscape & Decor Protection
  • Caulk
  • Rotted Wood Inspection
  • Two Coats of Paint
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Interior Painting

Painting is the simplest way to make a big impact. If you are getting your house ready to sell, making your new house your home, or just ready for a change, a new fresh coat of paint will make all the difference. Baker Roofing’s experienced professional painters utilize drop cloths, floor paper, and plastic to ensure a clean and detailed job. All holes, cracks, and stains will be properly addressed for the most professional outcome. We offer a variety of paint options to fit every budget.

Paint Buckets

Hire the Professionals

Tarps, tape, plastic, paper, brushes, paint thinner, rollers, extension poles, ladders, attention to detail, and patience are just the beginning of the list of items you will need to DIY paint your home. Painting, when done correctly, is meticulous and messy. With all things considered, the cost of materials, paint, and sanity… for a few dollars more, you can have the professionals at Baker Roofing make your dream a reality.

Baker Roofing & Construction is your progressive, modern roofing and construction company focused on providing excellent service and sustainable, functional products. We are your choice when you are in need of professional painting services.



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