Residential Roof Inspection

One of the most common questions a roofing company receives is whether a client should repair or replace their roof. Usually, the answer depends on several factors such as the type of roof, the extent of damage, the slope or pitch of the roof, and the roof’s age.

Roof Inspection Services Dallas - Fort Worth

That is why it is best to leave the decision up to a professional roofer near your area. Baker Roofing & Construction will conduct a thorough roof inspection, present you with a complete report and estimate of repairs or replacement.

Comprehensive Roof Inspection for Your Home

Our qualified roof inspectors walk the entire roof area identifying and photographing all observed deficiencies and documenting what they find. The roofing expertise of our inspectors allows them to find not only the obvious roof deficits but also the not-so-obvious, which could eventually cause significant problems and possible untimely failure.

This visual roof inspection includes:

  • Roof vents and ventilation systems
  • Flashings – roof, chimney, skylights
  • Plumbing vents
  • HVAC stacks
  • Dryer and/or kitchen vents
  • Gutter system


Also included in our inspections are a complete evaluation of the exterior of the residence which includes:

  • Siding
  • Brick/Masonry
  • Windows
  • Paint and sealants
  • Indicators of termite/pest damage
  • General assessment of exterior home repairs needed

When properly maintained, a roof can have a very long lifespan.

A well-maintained shingle roof can last 20 years without needing to be replaced, while the lifespan of a tile or slate roof can be more than 50 years.
A roof is an investment in your home, both for curb appeal and for the protection of the interior of the home. It is important to protect your investment by having your roof inspected whenever you feel that maintenance is due or damage has been done. If you feel it is time for your roof to be inspected for damage or deterioration, don’t hesitate to call Baker Roofing & Construction for a free inspection and estimate. Our professional staff of inspectors and roofers is ready to ensure your roof gets the care it needs.