Residential Roofing Services

Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. is a full-service residential roofing contractor. We deliver skills, knowledge, and dependability for all of your roofing services in Texas and Oklahoma.

Baker Roofing knows that your roof is the crown of your home, the protector of your family and all that you own, so we offer everything you need to protect your family and your investment. Whether you need a roof inspection, repair, replacement or new construction, We will provide superior service and quality work. We offer premier roofing materials including solar roofing. All your roofing needs can be fulfilled through Baker Roofing & Construction Inc.

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Roof Repair

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From storm damage to yearly wear-and-tear, Baker Roofing can handle of any roof repair.

Roof leaks, missing shingles or flashing are common repair problems that our expert technicians handle every day. We use high-quality materials and supply expert workmanship to ensure that your roofing repair is handled professionally and efficiently.

Roof Replacement

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There comes a point that a roof can no longer be repaired.

The need for a new roof isn’t always obvious. A roof replacement may be needed due to storm damage, to replace a worn roof, to complete a major home remodel or to increase the value of your home. When you need a roof replaced, you’ll want a trustworthy roofing company with expert service and an industry-leading warranty. Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. will meet with you for a free, no pressure, written estimate then guide you through the replacement process every step of the way. We will be there to answer all questions as well as handle your insurance claim needs. We only use premium residential roofing products and our skilled craftsmen will guarantee the ideal roof replacement for your home.

Roof Installation

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The lifespan of a roof is dependent on many factors including wear, storms, quality of materials and installation, also the type of roof.

Whether you are wanting a roof designed and installed on your new home construction, or a new roof on your existing home, you will want a sturdy, attractive roof that you can trust to last for many years to come. We understand that a roof installation in an investment in your most valuable asset, so we will install your new roof with superior materials and industry-specific techniques to ensure a perfect install. Your new roof will guarantee protection from North Texas storms, enhance curb appeal and add value to your home.

Roof Inspection

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Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. offers free comprehensive roof inspections.

Our roof inspections include the entire roofing system. This is inclusive of all roofing material, flashings, all vents and ventilation systems, HVAC stacks, chimneys, skylights, and the gutter system. We take digital photography of all potential and existing roofing problems. You will receive a detailed report which will satisfy any contractor specifications or insurance needs. Our roofing experts will walk the entire roofing area to find not only the obvious roof deficiencies, but also the less obvious problems or premature failures. In order to get the maximum life from your roof, it is best to have your roof regularly inspected for problems and maintenance issues. Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. has the experts that you can trust for an honest assessment of your roof.

Solar Roofing

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Texas has plenty of sunshine so solar roofing products are growing in popularity.

Meanwhile, the products continue to become more and more affordable. Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. has technicians who are familiar and trained for your solar roofing needs. We install attractive and low maintenance solar roofing or solar panels that will provide enough energy for your home and will easily pay for themselves over time. Solar panels and roofing will allow that intense Texas sun to work for you to power your home. Not all roofing companies provide solar roofing, but Baker Roofing has the necessary training and experience to install your solar panels or roof.

Roofing Materials

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When consumers think of a new roof, they often have one or two products in mind.

The truth is that there are many types of roofing materials out there for your home, and Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. can install them all. Most customers use the traditional composite shingles or architectural shingles, but even composite shingles come in three different types ranging from 25-year shingles to 50-year shingles. Baker Roofing also offers stone coated steel roofing systems which are Class 4 impact resistant and an attractive, longest lasting systems in the market. If your home is needing a new metal roof, real or synthetic slate, tile or modified bitumen, we can install it all.


Residential Roofing

Most roofs will be completely replaced in one to two days. Larger or more complicated roofs may take three or four days to complete. Homes with extremely steep roofs and complex rooflines will take longer to install.

The color of our roof absolutely will have an effect on your home’s energy efficiency. Lighter colors roofs will reflect more UV rays than darker colors. Learn more about roofing materials and energy efficiency here “What roofing material is energy efficient?

There are many factors at play when determining how long a roof will last, like roof material and geographical location. For example, a 30-year roof will rarely last 30 years, especially in Texas. Texas has a high potential for severe weather that can take years of the life of your roof. Additionally, the harsh Texas sun can breakdown asphalt shingles at a faster rate than up north. Read more here

The cost of a roof replacement will vary depending on roof replacement material, how steep the roof is, and the height of the roof. To learn more read “How much does it cost for a new roof?