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How Much Does it Cost for a New Roof?

Posted on August 10, 2019 by baker-admin

All homeowners at some point will be asking the question, how much does it cost for a new roof? Well, this depends on several factors. In this article will discuss the costs for different roof systems plus the variables that factor into the price range of roofs.

Roof Materials

Which roofing material you choose for your home is the biggest deciding factor on the price range for a new roof.
• 25-year shingles
• 30-year laminated shingles
• Metal roofing
• Natural slate or tile roofing

25-year shingles

Often known as 3-tab shingles, 25-year shingle roofs are the cheapest and most basic asphalt roofing system for a steep-slope roof, also called a pitched roof. This roof should have a price range of $1.95 – $2.35 per square foot. Of course, the price will vary based on region, the brand of shingle, and the type of underlayment used, such as felt or synthetic. These shingles are rarely installed on roofs anymore because they do not provide a great level of protection compared to 30-shingle roofs. Baker Roofing & Construction provides every insurance claim client a free upgrade to laminated shingles from their existing 25-year roofs.

30-year laminated shingles

Laminated shingles are by far the most common asphalt shingle used on roofs today. This is because the added protection over a 3-tab roof is much greater, but the cost is not that much more. You can expect to see a cost of $2.35 – $2.75 per SF. These roof shingles are the greatest value on a budget. They will hold up well to stronger winds and hail.

Metal Roofing

The cost of metal roofing can vary greatly between the metal roofing system installed. Let’s look at a few of the most common options.

Stone Coated Steel

Stone-coated steel comes in different variations and brands. Styles include shake, shingle, and tile-like designs. However, all the styles are impressed steel with a stone coating. These systems can range from $6.50 – $11.50 a square foot installed. The stone coating gives the steel extra durability and provides traction when walking on the roofer becomes necessary.

Standing Seam

Standing seam roofs are an attractive, durable, and sustainable roofing option. Because of this, you will see them on commercial buildings, farmhouses, and residential homes alike. This style of metal roofing come in a variety of colors some of which area Energy Star rated as well. Standing seam price will range greatly from roof to roof because the roof panels and trim are custom fabricated for the roof install. You should expect to pay anywhere from $5.50 – $12 per square foot. The range will greatly depend on the difficulty of the roof and the amount of waste from fabrication.

Natural Slate & Tile Roofing

Natural slate roofing tiles and clay or concrete tile roofing are also extremely durable roof options. These roofing systems hold up well over time and are very strong. A concrete or clay roof should cost $8 – $12.50 per square foot while a natural slate roof with run $15 or more a square foot.

Other Roofing Cost Factors

There are several other factors to include when trying to determine a ballpark price for your new roof. Each of these factors could add up to hundreds of dollars on the final bill, so it’s worth a moment to consider.

Two Story Fee

If your home is a two-story or more, you should expect to pay a higher fee because of the extra risks included. If you have a bi-level roof, then your charge should only be for the higher levels.

Steep Charge

The steeper the roof the more expensive it will be to install. The steepest roofs require special gear to ensure the safety of the workers and OSHA standards. In very few cases, the roof may be too steep and scaffolding must be erected.

Satellite Reset Fees

The satellite must often be removed when installing the roof and when its reset it will need to be tuned. Some roofing companies will include this service so that you are not inconvenienced, and it should be apart of any insurance claim roof replacement.

Difficulty of the roof installation

Some roofs are more difficult to install than others. Sometimes for the reasons listed above and other times because of the design. If is a roof that is “cut-up”, having excessive hips, cones or other unique roofing features, then the installation will take longer, and more material will be required.


Ultimately, the best way to determine the cost of a new roof is to get an estimate from a qualified professional roofing company like Baker Roofing & Construction. However, we have provided you with 5 tips to choose the right roofing contractor for your project.

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