Commercial Roof Installation

Are you constructing a new commercial building? Maybe you are interested in a new roof installation for an existing commercial roof. Either way, Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. understands that your new roof installation is an investment in your commercial property and in your business. Baker Roofing installs each roof with premium materials, expert workmanship, and industry-specific guidelines. Your new commercial roof will add value to your building, and security for all that is under it.

Commercial Roofs

New Construction Commercial Roofs

Building a new commercial building is very different than the construction of a residence. Almost everything is different, from permits and laws to construction styles and roofing materials. When designing a commercial building, the roof is a major component of the design. It probably will do more than cover the building; it will likely hold the HVAC system and more. It will need to be practical, watertight, and safe to walk on. If the commercial building will have a pitched roof, the valleys will need to be watertight, and the materials will need to be based on the pitch and several other factors. Making the decisions regarding roof type requires a roof construction specialist experienced in commercial roofing. The professionals at Baker Roofing and Construction, Inc. can and will advise you on the best roof for your commercial roof installation.

If you are shopping for a new roof on your existing commercial building, Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. is your expert here as well. You may want to upgrade from your current roofing materials or stay with the same and simply update. Either way, we will provide honest advice to you on commercial roofing materials, structure, design, and cost.

Expert Commercial Roofing Contractors

Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. is trained and experienced in all types of commercial roofing systems.

The most common commercial roofing systems requested include:

  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)
  • PVC (single-ply membrane)
  • Rolled & Sprayed Elastomeric Coatings
  • EPDM (rubber roofing)
  • Modified Bitumen (cold or hot)
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Tile (concrete or Clay)

Baker Roofing also offers energy efficient commercial solar roofing systems. Learn more about your options for commercial solar roofing service.

standing seam metal roofing

Commercial Roof Installation Warranty

Every commercial roofing project offered by Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. comes with all material manufacturers’ warranties and a 5-year workmanship warranty from Baker Roofing. It is imperative to us that the builder and owner of each commercial roofing project has confidence in the premium materials and expert labor behind the job.

Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. is licensed and insured. We always work within state and local laws and regulations. We are the experienced commercial roofing company to use for your next roofing project. We are the last roofing company your business will ever need.