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What is a Class IV Roof Insurance Discount in 2021?

Posted on February 21, 2020 by baker-admin

You may have heard of Class IV roofing or maybe the term high-impact or even impact-resistant. These are all terms used for roofing systems that have exceeded the standards of the test, UL 2218, that is performed by Underwriters Laboratories. Class IV roofing systems include many different types of roofing materials, not just asphalt shingles such as tile, metal or synthetic roofing. But what is most important for homeowners to know about a Class IV roofing system, is that it can save you BIG money on your homeowner’s insurance premium with a Class IV roof discount.

What exactly is UL 2218?

Let’s talk more about how roofing materials are given the UL 2218 classification. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) developed a standardized test to rate the durability of a roofing material and its ability to withstand hail events. This test, in its most basic explanation, consists of a steel ball being dropped from high up on to the surface of the material twice on the same spot. The material must not show signs of breakage, cracks or excessive granule loss (for shingles). Ultimately, this test is designed to assure that a roofing system with a UL 2218 classification will withstand major hail events with much less potential to fail and cause interior or structural damage than standard roofing materials.

standard 30 year shingle

Standard 30-year shingle

Class IV Roofing Materials

Although, there are many styles and manufactures of Class IV asphalt shingles you are not only limited to those options. Most metal roofing materials are giving a Class IV rating also and that is the case for tile, clay, slate and some synthetic roofing materials. With so many material options and designs, a Class IV roofing system is a viable option for almost any home.



Class IV Insurance Discounts

Saving money on your homeowner’s insurance premium is no easy task and often its one of those pay now or pay later situations. However, a Class IV roofing system can typically save you 10-27% of your premium for the year. So, in Texas, the average homeowner’s insurance premium is about $1945/year that’s a savings of $195 – $525 a year. You will save money that year after year and your roof will last longer and protect your home better. That, my friends, is Winning.

Homeowner Tips:

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Class IV Roofing Shingles are Thicker

Class IV Roofing Shingles are Thicker

Metal Roofing and Cosmetic Waiver

Metal roofing continues to be one of the strongest, most durable and expensive roofing materials available. It is for these reasons that it qualifies for Class IV roofing discounts with relative ease. However, it is also for these reasons that most insurance companies will make you sign a cosmetic waiver that states the insurance company will only pay for the replacement of the roof if it has failed. This simply means that even if your roof is dimpled like a golf ball, if there is no breakage or failure, they will not replace it. In some cases, like on a farm, this may not be of any issue, but in the city, most homeowners will not be happy keeping a heavily dented roof. For these people there are only two options, do not take the Class IV discount or pay out of pocket if the damage is too unsightly. This is why we typically do not recommend the Class IV discounts to our residential and non-rural customers.


Reinforced with an extra fiberglass mat

Reinforced with an extra fiberglass mat

Class IV Installation

Installing a Class IV roofing system should only be done by a qualified roofing company. It must be a complete system that includes the proper roofing accessories, the UL 2218 roofing material and the designated hip and ridge material for that system. Additionally, these all must be installed correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines taking into account of nail placement, spacing, and proper field exposure. Baker Roofing & Construction’s trained professional roofing crews have installed hundreds of Class IV roofs from the plains of North Texas all the way down to the hurricane zones of the Texas coasts. We are your best choice for all your roofing and construction needs. Contact us today for more information!

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