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Hail Storm Damage, Should I file a Claim?

Posted on March 14, 2019 by baker-admin

Texas storms can cause major damage to your home, but even minor damage can lead to major expenses. That’s why it is important to know what to do when your home has hail storm damage. We will discuss how you can tell if you have storm damage, how to choose a roofing contractor and more.

How can I tell if I have Storm Damage?

If you know your home has been in a storm with hail or heavy winds it is a good idea to contact a professional roofing company like Baker Roofing & Construction to perform a full roof and exterior inspection of your property. This will ensure that any and all damages related to the storm will be recorded so that your insurance company is held accountable to complete your restoration.

However, if you are not sure if the storm had hail or strong enough winds to cause damage there are a few tell-tale signs. First, if you have trees, look to see if you have leaves and small branches down around the yard. This is a very good indicator that the storm was strong enough to cause damage. Second, you can look to see if your gutters have any small dents. Small dents on your gutters are a strong sign that your roof might have damage. Also, small dents are enough to damage for your insurance to replace your gutters in most cases. Finally, if your front door is covered in cheap business cards, flyers, and door hangers, then you can be sure you have storm damage. So let’s talk about a few ways to choose a roofing contractor.

How to choose a roofing contractor?

Choosing a roofing contractor is a difficult and, sadly, sometimes risky process. Baker Roofing & Construction understands the pressures for homeowners. One of the best ways to choose a roofing contractor is to read reviews. This is why we encourage customers to look at our reviews. We have multiple outlets where our customers have shared their experiences for you to view.
Additionally, you should know if your roofing contractor is providing you the best product available. Baker Roofing & Construction’s standard roof consists of:

  • Synthetic Underlayment, not felt paper
  • Ice and Water barrier in the valleys instead of valley metal that corrodes
  • Starter Strip and never, ever 3-tab shingles
  • Always install 30-year laminate shingles or better; that means a free upgrade if your home has a 3-tab shingle on it
  • Ventilation evaluation and remedy; offering upgraded options if available

Also, when choosing a contractor, it is important to consider if they will be completing your full storm damage restoration or if they will only be doing the roof and you are left to call several other contractors. Is the contractor going to prepare supplements and correspond with the insurance company for additional work needed to complete your restoration? Is the contractor handling the claim legally? Many contractors have committed insurance fraud unbeknown to the homeowner. This has lead to many states implementing harsh laws to protect insurance companies and consumers.


hail storm damage on shingle

Insurance Claims

If you have not filed a claim yet, it is recommended that you have an inspection performed by Baker Roofing & Construction first. We will inspect your entire roof and exterior for damages and evaluate whether or not you need to file an insurance claim.
If you need to file, the insurance company will schedule an adjuster to come out to inspect the damages and write a claim. A Baker Roofing project manager will meet the adjuster for you. Our project managers are trained in storm damage claim restorations. In short, we fight to make sure your home is fully and properly restored.

What if my insurance didn’t pay enough to fix my home?

If you have already filed a claim do not fear, Baker Roofing will still ensure the insurance company pays for all the damages the storm caused to your property. We will write estimates for any additional work needed and supplement your claim while handling all correspondence allowed with your insurance company.

Do I have to pay my deductible?

Many contractors claim to offer deductible assistance or claim you will pay nothing out of pocket, however, this is insurance fraud. In order to collect the depreciation from your claim, you must pay the full RCV amount; this includes the ACV, depreciation and your deductible. This is because the roofing contractor must turn in an invoice showing the customer is to pay the full RCV amount. Baker Roofing & Construction cannot pay your deductible; however, we do offer financing services. Additionally, we even have our Referral Program and Advertising Rewards that will put cash back into your hands.

Storm Damage Restorations

When it comes to hail storm damage restoration Baker Roofing & Construction is the only call you will need to make. Whether you need a roof inspection or already have an insurance claim, Baker Roofing will handle it all from roofing, gutters, and siding to interior drywall repairs and painting. Baker Roofing & Construction is more than just a roofing company. We are a full-service roofing and construction company committed to providing exceptional customer service and dedicated to using beautiful, sustainable and functional products.

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