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Hail Storms – Roof Damage You May Not Notice

Posted on May 16, 2018 by baker-admin

Spring in Texas equals thunderstorms, tornado warnings, wind, and hail. While tornadoes are most feared, wind and hail on their own can do quite a bit of damage to your home and business. Roofs are often the most susceptible part of a property.

If your neighborhood has experienced a hail storm recently, you may see clear signs of damage. You may notice obvious things like pings in siding or gutters, or even broken windows. What you may not notice is roof damage. Roofing damage can be less apparent, but it is important to discover. Because hail damage is often unnoticed, further deterioration of the roof is unavoidable. It is always important to inspect your roof after a severe storm, especially if there is hail.

Baker Roofing & Construction Inc will conduct a post-storm roof inspection on your home free of charge, and if damage is found, will work with you to file your insurance claims and ensure all repairs are done.

Hail Damage – What To Look For

Insurance companies require a professional roofer to assess damages before they will pay any storm damage insurance claim. They also will send out their own assessor to confirm the damage. Several factors will affect the severity of the damage. Wind speed and direction can affect the location and intensity of the hail impacts. The size of the hailstones definitely will affect the degree of damage. The roofing and building materials will react to hailstones differently. The age and condition of a roof can be a determining factor of hail damage as well. The older a roof, the more likely it is to have roof damage from a hail storm.

Since hail is not a smooth, round ball, the uneven and sometimes jagged edges can scratch, puncture and dent. Siding, gutters, roofing, and windows can all be affected by hail, but the larger the hail, the more likely of severe damage.

  • If hail is less and 1”, (about the size of a quarter), damage can be hard to identify.
  • For hail that is 1”-2”, the damage is more easily spotted. Asphalt shingles will show hits, and granules from the roof can be seen in gutters and at the bottom of down-spouts. Chimneys, vents, skylights, and gutters will also have evidence of the hail hits. Metal roofs are at risk for dents or dings. Other roofing materials may crack or chip, such as slate, wood shingles or clay.
  • If hail is larger than 2”, damage is most likely inevitable. If your home has recently endured a hail storm, it is important that you inspect the exterior of your home for missing shingles, loose roofing materials, circular cracking, bruising or dimples on shingles, and missing shingle granules.

Hail Damaged Roof in Texas – What Do You Do Next?

The most important aspect of post-hail storm roof repair is to have an honest, experienced roofer inspect the roof. A professional roofer with experience in hail and storm damage has in-depth knowledge of all roofing materials and roof components. An experienced roofing professional knows the claims process, what the insurance companies need and want so that you can avoid any unnecessary costs. An honest roofer will be your partner in the inspection, claim and repair process, ensuring full customer satisfaction.

Baker Roofing & Construction Inc is the experienced, trustworthy and reliable roofer you need for all of your hail repairs. And we are here for more than just your roof repair needs.; at Baker Roofing, we can handle your roof, gutters, siding, and windows. We are your one-stop shop for hail and storm damage repairs.


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