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Woman Catching Rain Water From Roof Leak
Posted on April 18, 2019 by baker-admin
I’ve been told that the Texas rain is bigger than anywhere else… Now, I’m not sure if that’s true but everything is bigger in Texas. So, when those big Texas-sized raindrops hit your roof and find a way into your home, you better call Baker Roofing & Construction. We offer a quick diagnosis and leak repair service. But let’s discuss what to do when your roof leaks before the professionals arrive. (more…) Read More...
Professional Roof Inspection in Dallas Texas
Posted on April 4, 2019 by baker-admin
Summer is right around the corner... Is your beach body ready? Yeah... neither are ours. While we can't help you fit into your swimsuit we can help you at least help you get your roof summer ready. Here are 3 tips to get your roof ready for summer. (more…) Read More...