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Fireplace Makeover – Home Remodels

Posted on September 3, 2020 by baker-admin

Picture this; its Friday night and its been a long, stressful week. Your home in comfy clothes with your feet up, a hot beverage, and reading a book by the light of your beautiful new fireplace that you just gave an exciting makeover. Sounds relaxing, right? Ok, some of you will substitute a cocktail for the hot beverage and Facebook scrolling for the book, but oh, how lovely the glow upon your phone screen.

An updated fireplace is a central focal point for many home decor designs, which is why a fireplace makeover is a perfect candidate for any home improvement project. A beautiful new fireplace increases the desirability of your home, even in Texas. Fireplace makeovers fall into three basic categories; simple DIY fireplace makeovers, complete fireplace remodels, and custom luxury fireplaces. Additionally, anytime you are planning a home remodel the fireplace should always be considered.

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DIY Fireplace Makeover

DIY fireplace makeovers are meant to be budget-friendly and for homeowners of all skill levels. None of these suggestions will require you to put on your hardhat and safety goggles, but rest assured that you can still make a large impact with only small changes.


Paint the Brick or Rock

Painting your brick or rock on your fireplace is the easiest way to make a massive impact. Choosing a complementary color is critical. One suggestion to consider is using lighter colors in smaller rooms. A dark color will make the room appear smaller and even reduce the amount of light in the room.

Step One: Clean

When painting the fireplace, be sure to clean the surface to be painted very well. Scrub all dirt, dust, and soot to ensure a clean bondable surface for the paint.

Step Two: Prep

Now we need to protect areas we don’t want to paint like the firebox, walls, and floors. Grab your plastic, tape, and paper. Start taping off the perimeter of the area to paint. Then cover your firebox, walls, and floors with plastic. Tape the plastic down to hold in place.

Be sure to fill any holes with caulk, grout, or mortar, whichever is best for your application.

Step Three: Prime

With the fireplace prepped all up, its time to start priming it for paint. Use an appropriate masonry primer. This primer will ensure the brick is well sealed and create a perfect bondable surface for the paint. Using a paint sprayer will have the best results; however, a medium knap roller will work well too.

Step Four: Paint

The fireplace is now all ready for the paint. Again, a sprayer is best, but a roller and brush will suffice. Your only goal here is to apply the paint evenly and on target. After the first coat has dried, a second coat may be needed.

Change the Mantel

When the fireplace is not at work, the mantel becomes the focal point. Replacing your outdated mantel with a new modern mantel is a relatively inexpensive way to boost your home’s decor. A new mantel, combined with painting the fireplace, is a small DIY home improvement project that pays off big.

Replace the Fireplace Doors

Outdated fireplace doors and covers have got to go! These are easy to replace if you have a few hundred bucks to spend. Of course, replacing the doors, mantel, and painting is the trifecta. It would be the ultimate DIY Fireplace makeover.

Complete Fireplace Remodel

When painting is just not enough to unugly the ugliest of uglies, tear it out instead. Start over from scratch with a new firebox and chimney pipe, install new modern ledger stone, brick or natural stone veneer. Build your perfect fireplace how you always wanted.

Need to save some cash? Keep the firebox and just replace the veneer and mantel. A new firebox is not always necessary and reduces the cost of a fireplace remodel by several thousand dollars.

Custom Luxury Fireplace

Double sided fireplace design

If you enjoy double-sided fireplaces, 6 feet of mind-massaging flames, or expansive wrap-around fireplaces then a customer luxury fireplace is right for you. A gorgeous gas fireplace line with granite walls is a beautiful focal point for a living room. A qualified contractor that is experienced in fireplace remodels will work from your fireplace design or pictures.

Custom fireplaces are all about the design and flow with the home. Gas fireplace or wood-burning? Ledger stone or white marble? Should it have glass fire rocks and if so, what color? Every detail is important right down to the size and shape of the firebox.


By now, we hope that we have revealed the often-overlooked potential of a fireplace remodel. A gorgeous fireplace is vital to a livingroom transformation. When its time for you to makeover your fireplace, contact Baker Roofing & Construction. We have over 17 years in delivering high-quality workmanship and an exceptional customer experience.

Are you a DIY’er with a question? Drop us an email and we will try our best to answer!

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