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window_replacement_womanReplacement Windows

There is no arguing that replacement windows look great, but did you know that they will also increase your living comforts by reducing noise and helping maintain constant interior temperatures. Additionally, most homeowners can expect an increase in energy savings too!

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Fiber Cement Sidingcutting_fiber_cement_siding_baker_roofing_construction

James Hardie siding has become a big name in siding today, and for good reasons. . Hardie siding is a brand of fiber cement board siding. This siding material is rot-resistant, impact-resistant, and extremely durable. Fiber cement siding will out-perform wood, vinyl, and aluminum over the years.

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Sometimes the perfect home becomes too small. A new addition to the family, a mother-in-law moving in, or simply you need more room are all reasons to consider an addition to your home.

Moving is just so cumbersome and expensive.

You need to fix up your home to get it ready to sell while searching for the new perfect home, perfect neighborhood, or the perfect school district. Let’s face it, often we compromise what we want and need because “perfect often just doesn’t exist.

An addition to your home might just solve all your problems. There is no need to move, and you can add exactly what you need and want.

Been dreaming of that spacious master bath with a large soaking tub? We can build it. Need a suite with a kitchenette? We can build it. We can even build an incredible media room for your family movie nights.

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wood_siding_paint_exterior_paintingPainting Services

The paint on your home exterior does more than just make your home look great; it also protects and waterproofs the exterior siding materials.

Keeping your paint in good repair is key to minimizing water damages like rot and mold, especially for wood siding.

New paint will improve your curb appeal instantly. Matching color schemes with your roof, doors, and trim can make a huge visual impact that can update many homes.

Want to make a drastic change to your home? Consider painting the brick or lime-washing. Painting the brick is a sure way to make a big difference in the appearance of your home.

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All Your Construction Projects

When you are ready to start your project, we are ready. Our project managers will walk you through the whole process and ensure a smooth project. We listen to your needs and wants, then offer the best solutions to meet your goals. We are problem solvers!

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