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17 Tips for a Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Remodel

Posted on September 1, 2021 by baker-admin

These 17 Tips for a Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Remodel Will Help You Get Exactly What You Want for Your Project.

shiplap walls in modern farmhouse remodel

It’s no secret that the modern farmhouse style has been trendy in recent years and for good reasons. The modern farmhouse décor is warm, chic, and inviting, making any home feel much warmer and homey. You don’t have to live in the country to enjoy the simplistic, modern-rustic style of a farmhouse remodel.



1. Shiplap or Wainscoting Accents

Before drywall was invented, farmhouses had rustic plank walls. Incorporating this style of walls as accent walls is a fantastic way to develop a beautiful farmhouse feel to your home.

Using shiplap or wainscoting on essential walls mixed with traditional sheetrock walls with a smooth texture creates an amazing blend of old and modern techniques.

Barn Door in a farmhouse remodeled master bedroom

2. Barn Doors for a Modern Farmhouse Remodel

Barn doors are essential to a modern farmhouse remodel. Barn doors bring a rustic-chic look to any room. With so many different styles of barn doors available, the possibilities are endless when setting the room feel. These doors are also great space savers for smaller rooms. They slide against the wall allowing for better room décor and interior design.

One of the best features for couples is that good quality barn doors are actually very quiet to open and close. When your partner is up earlier than you, this becomes an incredible unexpected value.

3. Light Fixture Styles

Choosing the right light fixture style for your farmhouse remodel brings your whole design together. While functionality should be the priority when selecting light fixtures, you will need to make sure they fit your décor. Matching your door and cabinet hardware to your light fixtures is a great way to bring continuity to your modern farmhouse remodel.

Finding the right light fixture for you is an arduous task with so many different options available. We recommend light fixtures that use wrought iron, candlelight bulbs, or wood in their design if you need a starting point.

4. Modern Farmhouse Bathtubs

Big claw-foot or freestanding soaking tubs are the way to go in any farmhouse bathroom remodel. These beautiful tubs bring back fond memories of soaking in grandma’s tub after a long day of running through the fields. However, if you didn’t have that growing up, you will still relish the peacefulness of relaxing and soaking in the tub after a particularly stressful day.

Oversized soaking tubs coupled with a beautiful walk-in shower make any bathroom one of the best spots in the house bring luxury and practical use in balance.

5. Distressed Accents

Distressed accents might seem counterintuitive during a brand new remodel; however, creating a bit of aged beauty to an otherwise pristine modern remodel allows the modern farmhouse style to take hold certainly.

Modern remodels are very clean, straight lines and have open floor plans. Consequently, farmhouses traditionally were smaller and took advantage of all the useable space. However, we take the best of both of these styles for a modern farmhouse, creating open spaces that still feel warm and inviting. Distressed accents, when used sparingly, provide warmth to another wise cold feeling modern remodel.

6. Subtle Paint Colors are Best for Modern Farmhouse Remodels

Another critical detail to the perfect modern farmhouse remodel is the correct paint scheme. Choosing neutral colors with accents of gray, blue-gray, silvers, blushes, or greens always fit the bill.

While most paint colors are lighter to keep a very open and airy feel, using dark colors on some accent walls can create depth to the perfect paint color design. Shiplap painted a dark color on a bedroom wall could be all that is needed to change the whole feel of a room. Just be sure that the room is large enough to handle a dark-colored wall. Dark colors can make a room feel smaller.

odern farmhouse kitchen with apron sink and subway tile7. Apron Sinks for a Farmhouse Kitchen

Nothing takes you to a farmhouse feel more than an apron sink in the kitchen, short of John Denver’s “Country Roads” playing on the transistor radio. These sinks provide exceptional modern farmhouse style. Since the popularity has grown in the market, you can find these in a variety of material options and colors.

Single basin apron sinks used to be the standard, but now you can find them in a great looking double basin format with drainboards to provide you with all the style and functionality needed in a kitchen sink.

8. Modern Farmhouse Backsplash

A simple backsplash has been the staple of modern farmhouse kitchens. White subway tile laid in a brick pattern is one of the most commonly seen backsplash designs. However, chevron patterns are becoming increasingly popular.

Simplistic backsplash designs don’t have to be the only option, though. Many gorgeous farmhouse kitchen remodels use beautifully patterned backsplash coupled with simplistic, chic shelving. Beautiful wood shelves in place of the typical cabinets can make a wall look bigger and begs for the use of an incredible patterned backsplash.

9. Kitchen Cabinets for Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse kitchen with shaker cabinets and shelves

The shaker-style cabinet, is without a doubt, the quintessential cabinet for modern farmhouses.

Whether used in combination of smooth drawers and shaker-style cabinet doors or both the drawers and doors built in the shaker style, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous cabinets.

If the shaker cabinets are not your style, beadboard cabinets also have a great look for modern farmhouse kitchens. You just need to be careful that your design does not get too busy.

10. Open Shelves in Kitchen

Open shelves bring both modern design and a farmhouse feel when used in kitchens. We always try to incorporate various materials and textures in all our farmhouse remodels, and open shelving is the perfect way to soften up a kitchen with wood accents.

11. Industrial Gas Pipe

Industrial gas pipes, like open wood shelves, make great additions to kitchens to provide a range of textures. We use this iron pipe to bring contrast to the softness that the wood shelves offer. They also give an excellent opportunity to display your beautiful copper pots and pans or a practical way to hang often used cookware.

12. Shaker Doors

Like in the kitchen, shaker doors are the way to go for continuity in modern farmhouse remodel. Ditch the old panel doors and upgrade to these beautiful yet simple designs for all your interior doors. For too many years, panel doors have been the most common interior door style, but they do not work with a modern farmhouse scheme.

Another option is smooth doors. These can be a beautiful addition to a modern farmhouse look in natural wood grain.

13. Using Wood Tones in a Modern Farmhouse Remodel

We spoke before about a blend of textures being critical to a modern farmhouse remodel, and of all these textures, wood tones are the most essential. We focus on a mix of smooth, beautiful wood grain items with rustic wood tones to create depth to the remodel design. These can be integrated into features such as the fireplace mantel, barn doors, shelving, kitchen islands, and bookcases, and even wood accent ceilings. Don’t overdo it, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to create that depth and warmth to your farmhouse remodel.

14. Flooring for Modern Farmhouse

When it comes to modern farmhouse flooring, wood is your best choice. In our opinion, all the other popular flooring options just don’t fit the bill. Ceramic tile, marble, and carpet are simply too modern for the modern farmhouse style. Wood floors should be wide planks and long in length to fit the open floor plan of a modern farmhouse. Handscraped hardwoods or rough-sawn oak looks terrific in nearly any design.

If you don’t have the budget for real hardwood floors, many laminated plank and vinyl flooring applications look great for a budget-friendly price.

15. Door Casings and Baseboards

For door casings and baseboards, ditch the old 3 ¼” trim boards and install 1 x 6” baseboards with 1 x 4” door casings. These sized baseboards and door casings look great and keep that simplistic look of a modern farmhouse design.

For a more upscale design, use top trim on the baseboards, and for open passageways, use intricately trimmed architraves to make it a focal point.

16. Roof Colors for Modern Farmhouses

Modern farmhouses can have a variety of roofs, and to learn more about that, read our article “What are the Best Options for Roofing on a Modern Farmhouse?”. For this article, we will focus on the best colors for a modern farmhouse roof.

We recommend using darker colors on most modern farmhouse roof replacements like black or charcoal when using asphalt shingles. However, if you a higher-end material, like slate, a blend of grays, blacks and gray-greens look fantastic. For a metal roof, galvalume or weather bronze might be the best choice. Matching the roof to the home’s exterior should be considered first before choosing a color; however, if you are updating the home’s exterior, keep these colors in mind when choosing a color scheme.

17. Exterior Gas Lanterns

The best farmhouse remodels begin outside; for this, we recommend using gas lanterns. Whether truly gas or electric with flicker bulbs, gas lanterns set a mood for the home and foreshadow what is to come once inside the house.

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