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What are the Best Options for Roofing on a Modern Farmhouse?

Posted on September 27, 2019 by baker-admin


Modern farmhouse designs have been increasing in popularity for several years now. The contemporary clean lines and the comforting feel of a country farmhouse combined make for a gorgeous home. The mixture of concrete fiber siding with sealed raw wood accents and metal materials really define the basic farmhouse style. But when it comes to the roof there are a few options. In this article, we will discuss what are the best options for roofing on a modern farmhouse


Modern Farmhouse vs Traditional Farmhouse

Obviously, there are some major differences between modern farmhouses and traditional farmhouses. Modern farmhouse design is all about clean lines, modern aesthetics, and coziness reminiscent of a grandmother’s country home. However, traditionally, farmhouses were designed with really only functionality in mind. A traditional farmhouse should be easily constructed and easily repaired. These two factors determined much of what materials would be used.


Traditional Farmhouse Roofs

Traditionally, many farmhouses were roofed with the same materials that made up the barn’s roof. In the early years, this might have meant wood shake but as the metal roofing became more available, it became the preferred choice. Therefore, metal roofing known as R panel became the most used material. R-panel is a manufactured panel that can be used for wall or roofing applications. Because it is metal, it is very durable and needs little maintenance. However, this style of panel is attached with an exposed fastener. This means that the screw is exposed to the elements and it’s only weatherproofing is a neoprene washer. These screws will inevitably need to be replaced every 7-10 years as the washer begins to deteriorate from the harmful UV rays. Many farmhouses also used asphalt shingles when they became available because that system requires less maintenance, although less durable overall.


Modern Farmhouse Roofs

The best options for roofs on a modern farmhouse will depend on the exact style of your home. So here we will discuss the different materials available.


Standing Seam

By far the most common roofing system used on a modern farmhouse roof is standing seam metal roofing. Standing seam Metal Roofing is bent and custom-fabricated to fit your home. It has beautiful straight lines to complement contemporary design while being extremely durable and sustainable. It has the added benefit of coming in many colors, some of which are Energy Star Rated. Standing seam also has three distinct styles of panels; smooth, striated and ribbed. Ribbed and striated panels do not only add more flare to the roof, but they are also functional deterrents of oil canning, a normal effect of heat where it creates temporary warping of the roof panels. This is much like when a thin sheet pan warps in an oven.


Wood Shake Impressed Metal

Wood shake has already seen its best years in the roofing industry, however, there are impressed metal options with the style of wood shake. Increasingly, home insurance companies are getting away from insuring homes with wood shake roofs due to the potential fire risk associated with the aging and drying of the wood. Fortunately, impressed metal is a great option to reduce the weight of your roof covering and dramatically increase the fire rating.



While slate is very expensive and heavy, it also will likely outlast your home’s structural integrity as some slate is rated for up to 300 years. Slate roof tiles do vary in thickness, size, and colors which all determine the price and durability of the slate. While slate is certainly a perfect roof covering for many homes it is not right for farmhouse designs on a budget.


Designer Shingles

While we normally would never recommend your average 30-year laminated shingle for any farmhouse design, designer asphalt shingles might fit the bill and the budget. Designer shingles are typically cheaper than metal and slate but still have a great style to them. Options like Owens Corning Berkshire shingles or GAF Camelot II shingle.


Choosing the Roof

The best option for a roof on a modern farmhouse is whichever one fits your design and budget. There is not one standard covering that will both be functional and aesthetically pleasing on every farmhouse. Just take time and compare your options and consider which material will benefit your home the most.

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