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The Ultimate Roof Repair Guide – How Much Does a Roof Repair Cost?

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How much does a roof repair cost? You should expect the most basic repairs to cost a minimum of $250-350 and an average cost of $750 – $1200 a year.

How to Use This Roof Repair Guide

This guide is divided into two sections roof repairs and roof leaks. The Roof Repair section will cover common roof repair issues that might not be currently leaking but do have the potential to leak at any moment. The Roof Leaks section covers the repairs needed for an active leak.

Roof Repair Cost Factors

The Cause of the Roof Leak

There are many causes of roof leaks, and each will come with its costs. We will discuss different types of repairs later.

CertainTeed Belmont Roof with Solar Panels

Height, Complexity, and Steepness of the roof

A roof repair will be more expensive the higher or steeper the roof. It will take the technician more time to diagnose the root of the roof leak and be more challenging to repair. These two factors result in increased difficulty of the repair. The complexity of the roof may also affect the cost of the repairs. More complex roofs have more significant potential for leaks.

Solar Panels and Skylights

Solar panels and skylights are familiar sources of roof leaks. Solar panels are sometimes installed incorrectly, and water leaks through the bolt holes, causing roof leaks. Skylights themselves can leak, but also the flashing is a major contributor to roof leaks.

Roof Material

The roof material is the most significant contributor to the cost of roof repair. Slate will be much more difficult to find and more expensive to purchase than a bundle of asphalt shingles. Additionally, roof materials like metal roofs may require a more considerable amount of material to repair the roof leak properly.

  • Shingles – Common roof material and cheaper
  • TPO – Requires specialized tools and skill
  • Metal – Expensive material, requires specialized tools and skill
  • Tile – Clay tile is more expensive than concrete, requires specialized skills
  • Slate – Expensive materials require specialized skills


Depending on the city you live in, permits might be required. Permits can add $150-$600 to the repair cost.

Emergency Leak Repairs

Emergency leak repairs may also be more expensive. The time of the day and weather conditions definitely adds to the cost of the repair. Some leaks may require dehumidifiers and air movers for water mitigation if warranted.

Roof Repair Costs – What are the Costs for Common Types of Roof Repairs

Quick Reference for Roof Repair Costs

Roof Repair – Missing Shingles – $350 – $500

Shingles can be missing for several reasons. The two most common reasons are shingles blown off during high winds and old shingles that have degraded and come loose. Shingles can be replaced in most cases, but if a roof is too old, it may need to be replaced entirely.

Roof Vents Damage – $350

Roof vents should always be inspected for damage and potential preventative maintenance issues. Roof vents can crack, rust, or be blown off the roof. Roof vents will also need to be resealed every couple of years to prevent roof leaks.

Lifted Shingles – $350

Lifted shingles are when the wind blows shingles up but do not tear them off the roof. The shingles’ seal is broken, allowing for wind-driven rain to get up under the shingle, which could cause a roof leak. Additionally, lifted shingles might be damaged during the wind storm. A crease or crack will degrade quickly, creating a weak spot on the roof.

Wind Damage Missing Shingle Hip and Ridge

Sagging Roof – $750 – $2150

A sagging roof can occur along the roof lines or in the field of the roof. Broken, loose, or poorly installed roof rafters are often the root problem. Sagging roof repairs become more costly the longer you wait. When a roof has been allowed to sag for too long, the roof decking becomes warped and must be replaced. The roof covering will need to be removed to allow for the damaged decking to be replaced. Once the rafter repair and damaged decking have been repaired, the roof covering will need to be replaced.

Rotted Decking – $750

When leak repairs are ignored or not known, rotted decking is sure to occur. Decking near the chimney, air vents, and valley are the areas that tend to deteriorate; however, anywhere a leak occurs, you may have damaged or rotted decking.

Hip and Ridge Cap Repair – $400

The hip and ridge cap shingles are especially vulnerable to cracking, holes from hailstones, and being blown off.

Roof Leak Repair Costs – What are the Costs for Common Types of Roof Leak Repairs

Roof leak repairs can consist of any of the above roof repairs, but below are a few more common types of roof leak repairs.

Quick Reference for Roof leaks Costs 2



Hail bruises – $350 – to new replacement

Hail bruises are caused when hailstones hit a shingle and knock off the granules off the shingle, creating weakness or could penetrate the shingles, causing a roof leak. Hail bruises that are not addressed will eventually leak to a roof leak over time as the shingle continues to degrade at a quicker pace.

Flashings – $375 – $950rusted flashing on a chimney

Flashings like step flashing, pipe jacks, counter flashing, and skylight flashings are sources of leaks. The main reasons for flashing leaks are improper installation, sealant failure. and rusting. Leaks can be prevented when the flashing is maintained by keeping the sealant and paint current.

Holes in the Roof – $375 – $800

Holes in the roof are caused by a multitude of reasons. We have seen hail create holes, nail punctures, animal damage, and even bullets. Holes as small as a missing nail can be responsible for tremendous water damage.

Chimney – $750 – $3000

Chimney leaks happen when the flashing fails, the chimney cap becomes damaged, or the siding is rotted. All roof inspections should include an inspection of the chimney’s many components.

Old, Worn Shingles – $375 – $900

An old roof with worn shingles has the potential to leak anywhere on the roof. Hailstones and wind storms easily damage older roofs.

Poorly Installed Satellite dishes – $650

We know your uncle Joe knows everything about installing satellites, but when an installation goes wrong on the roof, it can cause a lot of water damage quickly.

Leaks in the Roof Valley – $750

Leaks in the roof valley are common since everything runs down the valley, and when people climb on the roof, the valley is the most accessible place to climb up. Additionally, valleys with valley metal are vulnerable to rust holes. We always suggest using an ice and water membrane in the valleys even if the metal is used.

Nail Penetrations Leaks – $375

Finally, the most common repair we do is nail penetrations. When nail penetrations are not resealed, they allow water to seep in around them. The nail will rust, become loose, and eventually come out of the decking. The shingle with the missing nail will be more acceptable to being blown off, creating further potential for water damage.

Rusted nail that was embedded in the roof shingle

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is rarely considered when discussing a residential roof. Much like an oil change for your car, preventative maintenance for your roof prevents thousands of dollars in water damage repairs. Get your roof inspected annually and after every bad storm with high winds or hail. Ask the roofing company that performs the inspection to provide you with a list of repairs and maintenance needed with an attached photo report.

Keep your roof maintained, and it will continue to provide you and your family protection from the weather for many years to come.

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