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How to Know When You Should Replace Your Roof or Repair

Posted on June 29, 2021 by baker-admin

Replacing your asphalt roof is expensive; however, there comes a time when repairing your roof becomes more costly than replacing it. Knowing when you should replace your roof or repair it will save you money in the long run.

The highest-quality roofs will eventually need repair. You should expect an average of 3-5 roof repairs over the lifespan of the roof, although this number good varies greatly.

Of course, the climate has much to do with these averages. Areas with heavy wind could easily increase the number of repairs a roof will need during its life. Strong winds can blow off roof vents or even shingles. Climates that are extremely sunny and hot will lead to roofs degrading at a much faster rate than climates that are cooler and less sunny.

Common Repairs

As we have mentioned, there are some common repairs that are related to your climate. Additionally, there are plenty of other repairs that are related to contractor mistakes and bad quality roofing contractors.

  • Wind-related repairs
  • Repairs from storm damage
  • Improper installaltion
  • Physical damages
  • Damages from wildlife
  • Worn or old components

Wind-Related Repairs

As mentioned earlier, wind-related repairs are widespread. High winds can blow off the tops of turbine roof vents. These types of vents are extremely acceptable to wind damage because of their high profile. When these vents blow off, it greatly exposes your attic to the elements.

Heavy winds can also blow shingles off the roof. This would require powerful winds or, if the roof is older and becoming brittle, shingles may be blown off by slower wind speeds.

Wind-related repairs could cost between $250 -$500. Wind-related damages will become more frequent when the shingle gets more brittle. Very brittle shingles should be inspected by a roofing contractor to determine if the roof would be a good candidate for replacement.

Storm Damage Repairs

The most common of all repairs are storm damage related, like hail damage. Hail can cause blemishes to shingles by knocking granules off. Large hail can even crack or knock holes in shingles, especially older shingles.

The damage caused by hail will largely depend on the size of the hail and wind speed. Wind-driven hail creates more kinetic energy allowing for even small hailstones to cause major damage. Often, hail damage will affect the entire roof and will be covered by your insurance policy for replacement. However, sometimes an insurance company will only pay for repairs. If the repair cost is less than your deductible, then the insurance company will not pay for any of the repairs.

Before filing a claim, it is a good idea to call a reputable roofing company to inspect your roof. All roofing companies will do a free inspection if you suspect your roof has storm damage, provided you award them the job if insurance approves a claim.

Improper Installation

Improper installation happens all too often, unfortunately. Homeowners may hire roofers that do not do quality work. There could be any number of mistakes on your roof that lead to leaks, missing shingles, or other roofing issues.

Improper nail location could allow for shingles to be easily blown off the roof. There is a nail strip on each shingle that is clearly marked. It is important that each nail is placed within this strip. Another nail-related issue is not using enough nails per shingle. This could also allow for shingles to be blown off the roof.

Valleys not being cut or weaved correctly is another common source of roof leaks. Valleys are always more likely to leak than the field region on the roof. This is why most companies will use valley metal or, even better, ice and water barrier in the valleys.

Flashings installed improperly are constant causes of roof leaks and a majority of our calls for roof repairs. Pipe jacks, counter flashings, and chimney flashing are the most common leak issues when installed incorrectly.

Physical Damage

Physical damage is a major cause of roof repairs. Tree limbs that are touching the roof can cause wear on the shingles, or constant foot traffic to correct the satellite dish can all be causes of physical damage to the roof.

Be sure your roof is free of debris, tree limbs, or anything else that should not be up on the roof. Any foreign object could potentially cause physical damage to the roof and require repairs.

Damages from Wildlife

Wildlife commonly causes roof damage. Squirrels are notorious for chewing on lead pipe jacks, causing damage that could cause leaks. Other wildlife also causes roof damage. Raccoons, mice, rats, opossums, and birds can all be the culprits of roof damage.

Worn or Old Components

Roofs wear out over time, and in some climates, far sooner than others which is why worn or old roof components are a leading cause of roof repairs.

Non-lead pipe jacks will have rubber components that will dry rot over time. Shingles will get brittle as they age. Hip and ridge shingles will crack. The sealant will wear off. All these are examples of how worn or old roof components will lead to roof repairs. In some cases, the roof may be too worn or old to be repaired and will need to be replaced.

The Sum Up

When you are unsure if your roof requires a roof repair or replacement, be sure to call a roofing professional. Good roofing companies will only advise you to replace your roof when needed and suggest necessary repairs when possible.

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