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When bad weather hits, the roofers all come running and Baker Roofing & Construction understands there is no shortage of roofing contractors for you to choose from, this is why we ensure our roof inspection services are better than the rest. We don’t just look for hail damage on your roof, we inspect your siding, fascia, gutters, windows, HVAC, fence, and more. Our Free Roof Inspection will ensure that your insurance company is paying for ALL the damages caused by the storm.

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One Call Restores All – Free Roof Inspection

Baker Roofing & Construction is More than Just a Roofing Company! We are a full-service construction & roofing company. Our Free Inspection will include inspection of all storm-damaged areas. Not just the roof. We will handle your whole insurance claim from roof replacements to fence repairs to interior water damage, one call to Baker Roofing is all you will need. You will never need to worry about hiring multiple contractors again.


Claim Supplement Experts

What do you do when your insurance company doesn’t pay enough money for repairs? What if your insurance company doesn’t pay you for all the damages? What if you don’t know if all the damages were found? You can call several contractors and get estimates to send to your insurance company and then provide photos, documentation, code upgrade documentation, etc. Or you can call Baker Roofing & Construction and let us handle your claim. Our comprehensive roof and storm damage inspection will reveal all the damages to your property, and we will work with the insurance company to ensure your home is returned to its prior or better condition. That’s our promise.

One Call is ALL You Need

  • Free Roof & Exterior Inspection for ALL Storm Damage
  • Roof Replacements
  • Roof Repairs
  • Leak Repairs
  • Tarp Service
  • Complete Storm Damage Restoration
    • Interior Damage
    • Fence Rebuild/Restain
    • Gutters
    • Siding
    • Chimney Chase
    • Windows