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Do I Need New Windows? – Benefits of Replacement Windows

Posted on September 1, 2022 by baker-admin

Do I need new windows? Well, that depends. If your home’s windows are 15-20 years old, it is definitely time to consider new replacement windows. Let’s discuss the many benefits of replacement windows.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Temperature Control

Increased temperature control is a major benefit of replacement windows. Old single-pane windows are not very effective at retaining heat or cool air. New vinyl windows are double or triple pane and argon gas filled, which greatly reduces the amount of heat transfer and filters more UV light than a single pane window. New vinyl windows will keep the heat in during the winter and the heat out during the summer.

Energy Savings

The energy-saving benefits of replacement windows are easy to see when you consider the improved temperature control we just spoke about. Controlling the temperature better reduces how hard the A/C unit has to work. Obviously, if the A/C unit is running less, it is also using less electricity, and this benefit is directly represented in fewer dollars given to the electric company.

Noise Reduction

The noise reduction benefit of soundproof windows provides a level of increased comfort that everyone should experience. While a common double-pane window will provide more noise reduction than single-pane windows, soundproof windows reduce noise by 100% or more. Additionally, new spray foam is installed between the house framing and the window frame when new windows are installed, helping to insulate further and reduce more noise.

Dust Reduction

If you ever noticed, older homes tend to be dustier than newer homes. Older windows no longer seal properly and allow dust and allergens to pass into the house. New vinyl windows are fully sealed, and dust is unable to pass through. While resealing older windows will go far to reduce dust, they still will not reduce as much as new gas-filled double-pane vinyl windows.

Curb Appeal

It’s no secret that new windows transform the exterior of your home, providing increased curb appeal. Customers looking for an exterior remodel all get the same first three recommendations; 1. paint, 2. new doors, and 3. replacement windows. These three items ensure your home will look fantastic from the street, but replacement windows also make the interior look better. Ditch the old, ugly aluminum frames. Trash the swollen, stuck wood windows. Install new great-looking vinyl or clad windows and truly update your home in and out.

Improved Security

Replacement windows offer improved security compared to older windows. Inoperable windows create additional hazards. Opening a window might seem like a small thing, but if you need to allow gasses to escape, fumes from strong paints or primers to air out, or use it to crawl out to escape a fire, then all of sudden, a properly functioning window becomes very important. Also, new windows provide better security features and updated locks that older windows don’t have.

Increased Home Value

Replacement windows are an investment that will pay you back. Not only do you get the benefits of living in a home with brand new windows, but when you sell the house, the replacement windows will also increase the value. You will likely retain 73% of your investment when you sell. That’s great news; however, to make it even sweeter, homes with replacement windows are more attractive to potential home buyers.

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