Common Roof Repairs After A Storm

Common Roof Repairs After A Storm

Posted on May 16, 2018 by baker-admin

Even if a storm didn’t contain hail, a tornado or a deluge of rain, the wind it contains can still damage your roof. Every thunderstorm comes with at least a straight-line wind burst. Most are harmless unless your roof is already in failing condition. But, wind bursts at 50-60 mph will cause roof damage in any neighborhood. Debris can be blown around, tree branches begin breaking off and power lines can come down. All of those factors can cause harm to your roof.

Components of Your Roof Can Show the Damage of Wind Too

Singles can be torn off, as can metal or vinyl fascia. Vents and chimneys can show the effects of high winds as well. In the north Texas, Oklahoma areas, storms cause millions of dollars of damage each year. It is important to repair any storm damaged roofing quickly to avoid any future deterioration of the roof.

Baker Roofing & Construction is your roofing repair expert. We can inspect and repair any damaged roofing material, whether it’s residential or commercial.

Common Roof Damage After A Storm

The most common complaints of roof damage include missing, damaged or loose shingles – roof leaks – clogged gutters and downspouts.


High winds from strong storms, tornadoes or hurricanes can be hard on any roof. If shingles have been damaged by trees or debris, your roof is vulnerable to leaks. Missing shingles or missing fascia or flashing leave a roof more susceptible to future storm events. Any weakness in a roof allows an opportunity for rain to penetrate the deck of the roof and damage to the interior of the property.

Roof Leaks

This is usually what motivates a customer to call a roofer. A roof leak is direct evidence of damage. This can be a result of wind or impact from debris or a tree. A leak can cause mold, stains on ceilings and walls, and damage to items inside the home including flooring and bedding. If a leak is noticed, it is imperative to have the roof inspected and repaired quickly.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters handle proper run-off of water from your roof. When gutters are clogged, water backs up onto the roof and spills between the house and gutter. The downspouts no longer serve their purpose. This causes damage to the fascia. Water spilling out can also cause erosion near the foundation of the property.

The Right Roofer for Your Storm Damage Repair

Your roof is the most exposed surface of your property, so you want to have it inspected for storm damage. When your home or business is showing evidence of storm damage, it is important to have repairs made expeditiously. Seek out an experienced and trustworthy professional roofer to inspect, estimate and complete repairs quickly. An experienced roofer has all the knowledge necessary to identify problems, file claims with insurance and make all required repairs. An honest roofer will only repair what needs to be repaired.

Baker Roofing & Construction Inc. is your storm damage one-stop-shop for roof repairs, but also for gutters, siding, windows and other exterior components of your home or business.

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