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Christmas Charities that Need Your Help in 2020

Posted on December 7, 2020 by baker-admin

Christmas is all about the spirit of giving, and in 2020 that spirit needs to be alive more than ever. Many Americans are struggling this year to pay bills and provide food for their families. This is why it is so much more important, this Christmas, to support a local charity.

Charities like the North Texas Food Bank, The Stew Pot, The Bridge, Toys for Tots, and Bonton Farms are all in need of your support as their resources have run thin over the last 10 months during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Here are five charities that you can volunteer your time, donate money, or give to in other nontraditional ways.

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North Texas Food Bank

Donations Accepted: time, monetary, canned food, and pantry items

Almost 97 million meals are provided annually to North Texas families. 27 million meals fed children who otherwise would go to bed with the hollow-empty feeling of a hungry stomach. When you give to this charity, you know your money is going to do truly good work. You can feed three children – maybe 12 if it’s from a popular coffee chain for the price of just one coffee. How many of us could cut out a bit of caffeine to help another? If you’re like me, you might be able to cut out several coffees and still be over the recommended limit. Donate.

The Stew Pot

Donations Accepted: time, monetary, food items, otherways

Since 1975 The Stew Pot has helped thousands of homeless and at-risk individuals and families get a new start in life. Founded by the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, The Stew Pot has provided meals and social services like case working. Because The Stew Pot has been such an amazing leader in caring for the homeless, they have helped many other organizations startup like The Bridge.

The Bridge

Donations Accepted: time, monetary

The Bridge is a really cool charity that equips the homeless with all the tools they need to make a full recovery, all in one place! The Bridge provides shelter, transitional housing, and food to many homeless. They don’t stop there though, they also provide substance abuse treatment and programs for the mentally ill. All in hopes to clear a path to employment and permanent housing. Donate Here

Toys for Tots

Donations Accepted: toys, monetary

Toys for Tots is a very well known charity that supplies toys for children all over the country. In 1947 Maj. Bill Hickens and the Marine Corp Reserves of LA delivered over 5000 donated toys to less-fortunate local children. In 1948, TFT expanded to a national campaign. Since then TFT has not slowed providing thousands of toys each holiday season. Ways to donate.

Bonton Farms

Donations Accepted: time, monetary

Urban Market Charity Donations

In the middle of a South Dallas food desert, exists this little oasis called Bonton Farms. Bonton Farms, founded by Daron Babcock, began out of necessity as a small community garden and has grown into Bonton Farms, Bonton market, and even has a site south of Dallas to provide fresh, organic food for the community. Prior to Bonton Farms, a three-hour round-trip bus ride was required to buy fresh produce. However, packaged, processed foods could be found on every convenience and liquor store shelf, resulting in poor food choices and declining health issues in the community. Daron believes in investing in the souls of people just as he has invested in the soil of the ground. To help support Bonton Farms Donate Here


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