Temporary repair on unrepairable roof

Is Your Roof Repairable? How to Get the Most from Your Home Insurance

Posted on December 3, 2021 by baker-admin

When your roof is damaged in a storm from hail or wind, your homeowner’s insurance company may only want to pay for a repair, but is your roof repairable?

Insurance companies will often try to only pay for a roof repair even if your roof should be replaced. They save millions of dollars over thousands of claims every year by doing this. However, if your roof is older than ten years or in bad overall condition, it may not be repairable. A reputable roofing company experienced in working with insurance companies will know what to look for to get your roof approved for a total replacement.

Brittle Test

Your insurance company will pay for a complete roof replacement if your roof is unrepairable. To prove your roof is unrepairable, a brittle test is performed.

A brittle test determines if the shingles are too degraded to be repaired. This test is performed by lifting the shingle to a 90-degree angle, the angle required to remove the existing nails and shingle and install a new shingle in its place. If the shingle shows any signs of creasing, granule loss, and lack of pliability, the shingle fails the test. Often a failure of this test will result in a severely weakened shingle, as shown in the video.

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Roof Inspection

If your home insurance company only pays for a roof repair, it is an excellent idea to skip the handyman and hire a roofing company to perform a roof inspection. The roofing company will work directly with your insurance company to ensure all the damages are being repaired. If the roof is unrepairable, they will work to get you a full roof replacement.

How to Choose a Roofing Company

Over the years, many fly-by-night “roofers” have given trustworthy roofing companies a bad name. When a hail storm hits your neighborhood, every guy with a truck and a ladder comes running to take advantage of uninformed homeowners.

We recommend researching the company you choose by looking for reviews on Google, social media, and other review-based sites. Additionally, be wary of a roofing company with no internet presence. You can expect that they are not a legitimate company and will not be around to fulfill any warranty issues that might arise in the future.

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