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Is Synthetic Slate Roofing a Good Roof?

Posted on February 1, 2022 by baker-admin

If you want a natural slate roof without the high-ticket price, consider a synthetic composite slate roof. Composite slate roofing, or synthetic slate roofing, is an injection-molded roofing shingle often made from virgin rubber and recycled rubber and plastics. Composite slate roofing might be the choice for you if you desire a roofing material that looks like slate but is cheaper, lighter, and as durable as slate.


Cost of a Synthetic Slate Roof

The cost of a composite slate roof will vary depending on the brand. You can expect to pay around $12.50-$15.75 a square foot for a composite slate roof installed. Some things to consider that will add to the price of your roof are a steep roof, a two-story home, the complexity of the roof, the number of chimneys that need to be flashed, and if there need to be any repairs made to the decking.

Natural Slate vs. Composite Slate Roof – Weight Differences

Composite slate is much lighter than natural slate which is stone. Composite slate weighs about 125lbs per 100 square feet, whereas natural slate weighs 800-1500lbs per 100 square feet.

Why is the weight of the roof important? When the home is framed, the roof structure and supporting walls were built to hold a certain load. Increasing the roof load exponentially can result in catastrophic damage. The roof and walls could collapse under excessive weight. When a natural slate roof is installed on a home meant for shingles, the framing will have to be retrofitted and strengthened. This added framing cost is a substantial increase in the price of the roof.

Composite slate roofing will never need additional framing. In many cases, a shingle roof will be heavier than a synthetic slate, making synthetic slate a great option to replace asphalt shingles.


How Long Does a Synthetic Slate Roof Last?

Although synthetic slate roofs don’t last the 100-150 years that natural slate will, they still boast a long life. You can expect your synthetic slate roof to last up to 50 years. Eventually, the shingle will begin to degrade, and the roof will need repairs or replacement.

Synthetic slate roofing is also very durable, doing exceptionally well holding up to large hailstones. While traditional shingle roofs are demolished in severe weather with mid to large hail, a synthetic roof will hold up much better, often not showing any damage at all.


Boral Classic Insprire Slate Roofing Painted exhaust stack and pipe boot One Last Consideration When Comparing Synthetic Slate to Natural Slate – Warranty

The synthetic slate roofing material will come with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Natural slate will not have a warranty other than the craftmanship warranty from the roofing company that installed the roof. Many people find it difficult to make a big investment into a slate roof when there is not a manufacturer’s warranty which makes it imperative to hire a reputable, skillful roofing company.

Composite slate roofing is also a big investment for a roof especially compared to an asphalt shingles replacement. Installing the roof properly is critical to the lifespan of the roof. Choose a roofing company that provides a craftsmanship warranty, has good reviews, and has a substantial online presence.

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