How to choose a roof shingle in 2022

How to Choose a Roof Shingle in 2022?

Posted on January 3, 2022 by baker-admin

How to choose a roof shingle? It is more complicated than selecting a three-tab shingle or an architectural shingle. Today, there are many choices for asphalt shingles, and this article will help simplify the process for all homeowners to be able to make a well-informed decision.


Types of Asphalt Shingles

Most homeowners know the basic shingles are the 25-year three-tab shingle and the 30-year architectural shingle. However, many more options are available today, like 50-year shingles, Class IV shingles, and luxury shingles.


Table of Asphalt Roof Shingle Types

3-Tab Shingles the 25- Year Shingle

3-tab shingles, also called 25-year shingles, are your basic roof shingle that has been installed for decades. Three-tab shingles are the cheapest roof material for asphalt roof shingles. These roof shingles are the thinnest of all asphalt shingles and are acceptable to heavy wind damage. The tabs easily blow up and crease the shingle in heavy winds and create damage that will continue to wear over time.

Because heavy wind easily damages these shingles, Baker Roofing & Construction always upgrades 3-tab roofs to the heavier 30-year architectural roof shingles.


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30-Year Architectural Asphalt Roof Shingles

30-year shingles are also called laminated shingles or dimensional shingles. They are manufactured with a second layer of shingle laminated on the top to aid in rigidity and added thickness for additional impact protection.

Architectural shingles are considered the new standard in asphalt roofing shingles. These 30-year shingles offer added protection over the very basic 3-tab shingle that was traditionally installed.


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50-Year Dimensional Shingle

A 50-year dimensional shingle looks the same as a 30-year shingle; the thickness of the asphalt layers is the difference. 50-year dimensional shingles are slightly thicker, increasing their resistance to damage from wind and hailstone impacts. Similar to the 50-year dimensional shingle, 40-year shingles are also available. As you may have guessed, 40-year shingles are thicker than the 30-year and thinner than the 50-year.

Luxury Roof Shingles

Luxury roof shingles are attractive roofing options that add aesthetics to the roof and increase protection. These shingles may mimic the look of slate or shake.

Luxury shingles can be up to three times heavier than the average 30-year shingle, meaning that they provide increased protection against heavy winds, snow, hurricanes, and hail impacts. Additionally, the design and color profiles make these roof shingles desirable options for many homes, often adding value and curb appeal.


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Class IV Roofing Shingles

Class IV roofing shingles are classified as shingles that pass the Underwriters Laboratory 2218 (UL2218) test that proves a shingle is impact resistant. This test consists of dropping a 2” steel ball from 20 feet high to the shingle multiple times. The shingle must not be compromised and be free of any cracks or breaking that would allow the shingle to leak. Consequently, when this test is applied to a 4” thick concrete paver, it will crack it.

Class IV shingles might even allow you to get a discount from your homeowner’s insurance. You should contact your insurance company for more information on these discounts for your particular policy.

Many dimensional shingles and luxury shingles will qualify as a Class IV shingle. When getting your roof replaced, ask your roofing professional about the Class IV roofing shingles options in your area.

When It is Time to Select Your New Roofing Shingle

Baker Roofing & Construction has extensive knowledge of many roofing materials that would be suitable for your home. Our representatives are well trained to help you identify the best material, color, and brand roof covering for your home. We will inspect your roof and recommend whether your roof should be replaced or repaired. We will even help you work with your insurance company if your roof has been damaged in a weather event.


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