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How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost in 2022?

Posted on May 25, 2022 by baker-admin

The cost of a roof replacement in 2022 depends on the type of roof being replaced, the roof pitch, if it will be covered by homeowners’ insurance, and the complexity of the roof.


Homeowners Insurance

If your homeowners’ insurance policy covers your roof replacement, the cost of your roof will be only your deductible. Your deductible could be 1% – 5% of your insured home value or possibly another fixed amount.

In the past, many roofing companies would illegally waive the deductible, but due to increased enforcement and the creation of deductible laws, homeowners must pay their deductible, or it is considered insurance fraud.

Home improvement

If you are replacing your roof for home improvement purposes, the cost of the roof will be based on your choice of roofing materials, roof pitch, and the complexity of your roof.

Roof installation

The roof installation costs vary by materials. The cheapest roof system to install is asphalt shingle roofs. Other types of roof systems like metal, clay tile roofs, concrete tile, and slate roofs all require greater technical skill, which in turn increases the cost of installation.

Determining roof pitch

Roof pitch

Roof pitch is largely a factor in the cost of roof installation. The roof pitch is the steepness of the roof—the steeper the roof, the more risk involved in the roof installation, therefore the higher costs.

Clay tile roofs

Clay tile roofs require extra framing to bear the extra weight if the home was originally built for asphalt shingles or metal.

Also, clay tile roofs also need a batten system installed to fasten the tile to the roof. With the price of lumber constantly increasing, this continues to add extra costs for tile roofs.

Concrete tile

Much like clay tile roofs, concrete tile requires extra framing and is much heavier than clay. Concrete tile is less expensive than clay reducing the cost of the roof replacement as compared to clay tile roofing.

slate roof installationSlate Roof

Slate roofing is one of the most expensive roofing materials you can install. The price for slate also varies extremely based on the slate you choose. Location, color, fabrication, and thickness are all major factors of cost.

Impressed Metal Roof InstallationMetal Roofs

Metal roofs come in different types like standing seam, impressed metal roofs, and r-panel.

Standing seam roofs are the most expensive because they must be completely fabricated for the roof, unlike impressed metal and r panel roofing systems. Standing seam also requires the most technical skill to install.

However, impressed metal roofs do require a high skill level, but the system is prefabricated and bought for the particular house. Impressed metal roofs mimic the look of wood shakes, tile roofs, or shingles. This metal roof will need a batten system, just like tile roofs.

R-panel roofs are the oldest style of metal roof and are very easy to install. These panels were created to easily be installed on barns, industrial buildings, and country homes. R-panel is rarely seen on homes in the city.

Decking Repairs

Decking repairs can add considerable costs to a roof replacement. When the roof leaks, the decking can become water damaged. Plywood decking delaminates over time with continual wet/dry cycles and eventually rots and becomes soft. Older homes have slatted boards with gaps and should be replaced to meet current building codes. Additionally, 7/16″ decking used to be the standard; however, the building code IRC R803.1 requires 5/8″ decking. When the homeowners’ insurance covers the roof replacement, and decking needs to be repaired, if you have code upgrade coverage, the insurance company will pay for all of the decking replacement or up to your code upgrade coverage limit.

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