Month: February 2022

galvalume metal roof Dallas
Posted on February 3, 2022 by baker-admin
Metal roofs comprise a wide range of roofing materials like standing seam, impressed metal roofing, stone-coated steel, R-panel, and corrugated roofing. Each of these metal roofs has its own unique benefits, faults, and, of course, price tags. Choosing a material for your metal roofing can be daunting with all these different metal roofing options. Never fear; we are here to simplify your choices with our Metal Roofing Buying Guide for 2022. Read More...
Boral Classic inspire slate roof installed by Baker Roofing & Construction
Posted on February 1, 2022 by baker-admin
If you want a natural slate roof without the high-ticket price, consider a synthetic composite slate roof. Composite slate roofing, or synthetic slate roofing, is an injection-molded roofing shingle often made from virgin rubber and recycled rubber and plastics. Composite slate roofing might be the choice for you if you desire a roofing material that looks like slate but is cheaper, lighter, and as durable as slate. Read More...